Thank you to all medical workers.

To express our gratitude for all of the people putting their lives out on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zenerations partnered with Notes For Support, an organization featured on ABC News that sends heartfelt messages to medical workers and patients to hospitals nationwide. We developed a project called Hearts For Healthcare, in which teenagers would send in videos of them saying thank you and/or kind words to the real life superheroes.

With over 25 participants submitting their videos, Zenerations’ extremely talented videographer, Samiksha Thakur, edited them into a beautiful, tear-jerking, heartwarming compilation. Notes For Support will send the video to hospitals to remind the people working in the hospital that their hard work and bravery has not gone unnoticed.

For more information, visit notesforsupport.org.

Check out Hearts For Healthcare on Zenerations’ YouTube Channel!

Featured Participants (in order of appearance):

Aidan Cruz
Amira Walcott
Ayoko Kessouagni
Maya Ramdayal
Jade Rodriguez
Tanya Akian
Naima Idrissi
Lucy Hartigan
Kiana Roman
Sasha Cabeza
Lucy Baron
Tyler Newman
Lilly Marsh
Daniella Cisneros
Jeremy Madray
Eric Nguyen
Lyna Bacha
Lorena Darwiche
Youssef Salem
Camryn Cacace
Jovy Mariano
Steohani Rodriguez
Willa O’Connor
Briana Jeter
Camille Garcia
Sophia Delrosario

Song – “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles (Instrumental) by Muriel Anderson

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