KAYLA TURNER. The Poetry Princess.

Kayla Turner is a poet, speaker, and writer from Boston, Massachusetts. She is passionate about literature and is an advocate for the Black Lives Matter Movement. Featured are three of her poetry works, “The Planted Protest”, “A Note for Glinda the Good Witch”, and “Have You Ever Seen a City Burning Underwater?”. Be sure to check out her takeover on our Instagram stories on June 3, 2020 for resources on BLM, a live poetry reading, and tips on activism and allyship!

The Planted Protest

By Kayla Turner
Planted protest
And the people were stuck
Which mean when one of their fruit been strung
Left to root for the world to witness in all
of its white wonder
The people remained planted
As if to say stay in place
Dig, and you will find dirt darker than you
that been bolstered the world of winter above
Who said A rose could break out of concrete anyway
Without bleeding it’s beauty onto cemented soil
Who said roots belong in these parts
Where well meaning whitefolk spread seeds of
Silent mouth smiles or surrogacy
Claiming themselves nurturer
A transplanter before the trespass was ever done
A terrorist before the blood dried in the broad daylight sun
And who said, that boys covered in the current of their
Own cremation are not already casket
Who said black baby could place one foot in
Front of the other and flail their fingers without asking forgiveness
Who said you could outrun this gun cross the mason Dixie
All under the burning gaze of the sun
Who said the limbs of his loved ones can’t surround him,
cocoon him in a cave of cleansing, praying for a resurrection
Who said you could move n**ga.
So we put one fruit in front of the other
Pull up our petals over our powerful and poignant cries
Wrap our children in the vines of ivy we once thought poisonous
Now protecting them, from seeing the sun

A Note for Glinda the Good Witch

By Kayla Turner
You let your white wand wander over this green
like it wasn’t already good
As if this green was envious and not gratitude
This green was greed and not grounded
This green was vomit and not virtuous
Deemed all this not painted pale wicked
As if the wicked west isn’t your gentrified gleaming smile
Your “no one mourns the wicked”
Your grounding of all things different
and defiant desiring a chance to fly
Your broomstick brushing the darkening dust under the rug
Your goodness knows
I no longer am your dress up doll
I do not know how to be pink, popular and pretty
I do not know how to be your wicked shadow anymore
But I do know goodness lies in this green
I do know wicked lies in that white

Have You Ever Seen a City Burning Underwater?

By Kayla Turner
Have you ever seen a city burning underwater?

The warm weathering of our white world held in icy isolation
The flickers of flames floating in Waiting waters
Have you ever seen a body of water burn black
Blue lives turn back to singe the sand line
Black babies feel too many emotions at one time
Anchor weighs his option with the tale of two cities
One black and burning, the other winter wonderland
with comforting currents of blue
And what if we are both
The city, that burned underwater
grows into a parade of blistering blues and oranges
Ash, mingled at the bottom of the ocean floor
Reminding us, the aftermath of black bodies burned,
and white murders frozen in time.
downpour as enigmatic embers gleam
in the gaseous gaze of warriors
Watering wells, overflow with a burning trail of tears
Reminding us, of this natural destruction

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