TAKE ME IN. By Trisha Beher.

Loneliness is a resounding feeling, and sometimes, imagining yourself being engulfed by the ocean waves seems far more appealing than dealing with reality. Being consumed by the most powerful force of nature can actually seem peaceful compared to other things we might have to face in our lives. In this, there lies astounding complexity and an eerie, yet fascinating beauty.

The glimmering mist gently coats my skin,
Sweet glory of soft sand unites underneath my toes,
Above me a strange, yet fulfilling 
murmuring, churns inside my soul
The eyes of those sea gulls 
quietly criticizing my desire
to stand firmly on this ground,
Peeved by the nuisance they anticipate 
might turn to destroy their peace,
Marveling at the connection I withhold,
With the tumultuous flow of 
drifting wood on a barren, 
yet magnificent stretch of quivering blue,
Gale rising and drifting above me as my 
arms, outstretched, let the wind hit me,
My lashes are lined with the soft dust of 
the dunes I’m surrounded by,
The wetness seeps into my clothes until
I’m soaked to the bone,
Shivering slightly, but persistent 
enough to go on,
The beast I face is double sided, 
encompassing one’s greatest imagination 
and also their worst nightmares,
Before I let it engulf me completely, I 
take in the warmth of a now rising 
flame, that spreads its orange 
tendrils passionately over the horizon,
With every step closer, I let my eyes 
lower, as the soft glow lights 
my heart entirely on fire,
And those seagulls, now with a 
heightened sensation of doom, 
a crippling understanding of hopelessness,
Begin their music once again,
This time it’s shrill, and jostles the 
thoughts inside my head,
Yet as I approach my dreary fate, the
only thing I feel is calmness, a deep, 
resounding peace, and a oneness 
with my environment,
And as my toes, once covered in a brown 
sugar like consistency,
Slowly find the waves, I start to wade in 
faster, as my body begins to cave,
The second I find the riptide, I feel a 
small glimmer of eternal happiness,
It is a beautiful thing for the
 greatest force in the universe,
To finally consume you completely, as 
you bask in its fatal magnificence.

-Trisha Beher

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