THE PUBLIC. By Prathami.

This original poem by 16-year-old Prathami from Bangalore is about battling mental health issues.

Faintly glow the curtains,
Under half-moon light.
My enemy! Me enemy!
Come sup with me.
We shall die together.

Pucker at the wide assortments.
They will help you widen.
Jiggling and flapping,
Two ups and downs of meat.
Who would have thought?

Widen and blare,
Those mouths unhinging and out crawl

Most repulsive bugs, crushing
And spewing colored juices.
They float and flit about like lies.

They can help out in the kitchen,
And they can help a depressed person.
O to steer this sham well!
To embrace the acting,

Dehydrated thorns springing back up-
At the versatile moisture
Of my voice.

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