DYENOSAUR APPAREL: 15-Year-Old CEO Vivian Nguyen on Founding Her Clothing Company

DYENOSAUR APPAREL. No, that was not a typo for the prehistoric mammal that roamed the earth some 65 million years ago, it is the name of the tie-dye clothing business established by a member of today’s generation. Vivian Nguyen , 15, is creative, entrepreneurial, and the poster child for young women in business: learn about how she initially founded Dyenosaur Apparel, the products, manufacturing process, and marketing strategy, and how the company aims for body type inclusivity, racial diversity, and female empowerment.

Dyenosaur Apparel had quite the humble beginning.

Vivian Nguyen

Nguyen was fourteen years old when her National Junior Honor Society chapter hosted a fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma. Inclined to the world of fashion, and fluent in media trends, Vivian took the innovative route of selling handmade tie-dye scrunchies – combining two of the hottest trends at the time.

She figured this would be a one-time thing, but after receiving positive feedback from her peers, Nguyen experienced an epiphany: she enjoyed having the opportunity to just create, to indulge in the entrepreneurial process, to make real change through this venture. While she was only fourteen, she didn’t allow her young age act as a hindrance to her startup pursuits: rather, she let it be a beacon of motivation.

Thus, Dyenosaur Apparel was born – a successful clothing company that sells tie-dye design products through Instagram, Etsy, and simply word-of-mouth. Nguyen and her team have since sold over one hundred custom made-to-order items, while also developing their extraordinary initiative to celebrate creatives.

Live Life Colorfully

Dyenosaur Apparel uplifts youth female entrepreneurship (displayed by the CEO/Founder, Vivian Nguyen), and recognizes artistry and expressiveness. By providing high quality, one of a kind, affordable clothing, Nguyen inspires other young girls to pursue entrepreneurship and business, not just in the fashion industry but across every field and community.

Dyenosaur Apparel is geared towards all teens, millennials, and creative individuals who want to live life colorfully.  As a Vietnamese American and person of color, cultivating a community  of diversity and inclusion has always been an emphasis on my platform. Dyenosaur Apparel’s models are diverse, different sizes,  and of all races, just like the real world.   

Vivian Nguyen

Dyenosaur Apparel helps to connect brand and buyer by incorporating personal elements in each order. Nguyen expresses her favorite part of the manufacturing process to be the packaging component; she always writes a personal thank you note and decorates the material in order for opening & receiving to be an experience in and of itself.

Nothing about Dyenosaur is Prehistoric

It is no secret that Generation Z is immediately drawn to trends, like moths to a light. Dyenosaur Apparel certainly caters to the popular styles of the modern world, and recognizes the constant fluctuation of trends. The company “…incorporates new designs periodically to keep things fresh and maintain an interested consumer base.”, states Nguyen in her interview. They have also incorporated aspects of activism, a much-needed approach due to our current climate, in their enterprise by releasing themed items and donating a portion of the proceeds to various charities.

Social media has been an incredibly useful marketing tool when teenagers are the targeted customer: by advertising Dyenosaur Apparel products on Instagram, the brand has increased their digital presence, viewer exposure and consumer engagement.

Nguyen was able to curate a vibrant, cohesive, and visually stunning Instagram feed, routinely posts high-quality pictures, and maintains constant interaction with her followers to stimulate interest and attraction for her brand.

Dyenosaur Apparel also has reached out and partnered with other brands and organizations to encourage growth. On July 12, Vivian Nguyen will be speaking as a business panelist at GenZGirl Con, a virtual conference for young women in varying fields, such as STEM, activism, business, and education.

Clothing for Change

Dyenosaur Apparel doesn’t just bring trendy, stylish clothing products to the table, the company also strives to fight against racial inequality and promote diversity. With experience as the outreach and sponsorship coordinator for Dear Asian Youth, a literary magazine and Asian youth organization, Nguyen continually advocates for marginalized communities to receive justice.

Racial equality and diversity are two topics that are near and dear to my heart as a person of color.

Vivian Nguyen

Dyenosaur Apparel has also released a limited edition collection of shirts and stickers where half of the proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ charities. (pictured to the left)

Gen Z is infamously renowned for being digitally dependent and glued to their smartphones, weakening interpersonal relations and reducing attention spans. However, these additional technological resources can cultivate innovation and present individuals with more opportunities than ever before. Continual access to the digital world offers the ability to for Nguyen for company management whilst keeping up with her studies.

Dyenosaur Apparel generates revenue through an entirely digital market platform, proving that GenZ is innovative, creative, and financially competent. In fact, the digital marketplace develops a greater understanding of their consumer base than most could say. Nguyen aims to empower other young trailblazers to pursue their own startups in business.

To other aspiring entrepreneurs, don’t underestimate yourself. You’ll always be your toughest critic. Trust the process, but most importantly, learn to trust yourself.

Vivian Nguyen

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