Girls in White Coats

Girls in White Coats is a nonprofit initiative founded by a 17-year old high schooler from Princeton, New Jersey. This virtual and fast-growing community provides support and guidance to young women who are passionate about becoming healthcare leaders in the near future. The organization currently consists of over 65 enthusiastic and powerful girls from around the globe who are all united by a common goal of fighting to end gender disparities in the medical fields and of course, their love for medicine.

The growing presence of gender inequity in medical environments is a problem that is not talked about as frequently as it should be. Gender bias can be defined as a prejudice given to a certain person’s actions and expertise solely based on their sex. This inequity in healthcare can be shown at times like when patients prefer male doctors over female doctors, when leadership/high position roles are given to males, when people blankly assume that females are nurses, or simply when anyone questions a female’s ability to practice medicine.

Also, younger girls, especially those in middle school and high school, are told that they are not smart enough or capable enough to pursue a career in medicine. Sexism is a problem that gets in the way of many girls’ dreams. Girls in White Coats aims to empower, encourage, and support girls who are planning on pursuing medicine in the future. Their community is open and welcoming to all medical careers from dental hygienists to plastic surgeons!

In the future, they plan on creating workshops with tips on how to prepare for interviews, get a research position, gain clinical hours, make close connections with professors and teachers, and more. Girls in White Coats aims to open chapters in schools and middle schools all around the world inspiring young women to pursue their dreams. They hope to spread the word about GiWC and hope more people will join them in their journey.

You can reach Girls in White Coats on Instagram @girlsinwhitecoats and on TikTok @girlsinwhitecoats. Additionally, they have a website! Visit

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