March 14th was the day quarantine started. It was also my sixteenth birthday, and as I stared outside my bedroom window, I wondered if I’d ever get the chance to get out there again and fulfill my dream of changing the world. As I began to lose a sense of time, structure, and reality, the future started looking hazy and unknown. A couple weeks later, I had this idea – one to connect, uplift, and empower the youth, a space for creatives and activists and entrepreneurs and changemakers, a place where your voice is heard and you are seen. My amazing friend and creative partner, Lilly, told me to ‘just do it’, and so I did, with barely any experience or knowledge, only a great passion and a fire inside me that refused to be put out.

As Zenerations reaches this new milestone only four months after launching, I realize that the ’10k’ on our Instagram page is not just a number. It’s a symbol of hope. It’s a display of community. It’s a sign that Generation Z is not to be underestimated – we are united, we are strong, and we’re here to fight for everything that is important to us. It shows that a better tomorrow isn’t some unrealistic expectation, it’s our inevitable future. I realized, despite being confined within the 130-something square feet of my bedroom for months, that there is a whole other infinite universe out there. There’s so much extraordinary talent, so many people that want take action, so many people that are looking to make a difference, no matter what race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, or anything. On top of that, we’re all so young, with such big dreams and kind hearts, and we’re unapologetically ourselves. The community that Zenerations has fostered and created, to my fellow directors and exceptional team, you will forever have a special place in my heart, as family. I’m so excited to see what’s next for us. I know I was born in the right generation, and I know you all were too – because if this is the future, then the world better watch out.


sophia delrosario – founder of zenerations


to our team members and board of directors, this organization would be nothing without the passion you guys show towards wanting to make change to the world. Your hardwork has showed us the true value of our generation and we hope to evolve and continue this journey. The only way we can go from here is… FORWARD!


On Tuesday, July 21st 2020, Ariana Grande herself reposted a post created by Zenerations named “What on Earth is Going On in Portland, Oregon?”. This monumental occurrence took many by shock and cemented the success of this organization’s future. Thank you ari.

proof of the monumental occurrence

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