Kimberly Cross transforms her emotions of passion, confusion, and anger regarding the current racial climate into a series of brilliant poems. She addresses that there is not only one, but two diseases plaguing the nation: both COVID-19 and racism in “The Disease”, tells about experiences living in America from a black person’s perspective, and confronts the unfairness of the government and law enforcement in “Dear Justice System”.

​Dear Justice System

By Kimberly Cross

Dear Justice system,
Why do you treat my people like this? 
Like we are lesser than 
the average person.
Why do you keep 
spreading these lies, 
When you know he was just an 
innocent guy?

Dear Justice system,
Why do you hate us and the
color of our skin? 
Will a black man ever 
get the chance to win? 
Or will he forever be 
seen as a target? 
A suspect? A threat? 
Or a criminal?

Dear Justice System,
Why do you continue to 
turn a blind eye?
Towards my people that are dead 
because of your guys
The ones that are suppose to 
serve and protect
But instead takes the 
life of someone 
by standing on their neck

Dear Justice System,
Why are letting everything 
my people fought for 
go down the drain?
Don’t you understand our pain?
Don’t you think we are tired?
Of getting shot, 
killed and fired?
Dear Justice System, Why?

Being Black In America

By Kimberly Cross

Where do I even begin?
We are constantly murdered, terrorized 
and targeted just because of our skin.
they make our lives twice as hard,
then use the ‘i'm not racist’ card.

being black in america 
means forever being on your toes,
watching and seeing another 
innocent black life as it goes.

being black in america 
means wondering if 
you will be the next victim 
and have the police say it was 
self defense why i killed him.

being black in america
means never feeling truly safe.
it is a sickening reality.
but for right now,
that’s just the case. 

The Disease

By Kimberly Cross

a disease that has taken 
over our nation
for it, there’s no 
cure or medication
it kills innocent black 
men and women 
without any care 
or hesitation 
it from past yet it 
still remains 
do you know it’s name?

a disease that has taken 
over our nation
even the doctors are helpless 
in this situation 
and even after 
countless years, 
it still evident in 
our generation
But, why are the police 
in participation?

The disease has taken 
over our nation.
the target will 
never the caucasian 
but instead a black man 
just because of the 
color of his hand

racism is its name
with it comes hatred,
 violence & pain
Why is it so hard for 
equality to reign?

as i look to the future,
i stop to think
Will our fighting go in vain?
Will this disease remain?

Kimberly Cross

Writer, poet

Kimberly Cross is a 16-year-old Jamaican who currently a student at the East Orange High School in New Jersey.
She’s a very passionate advocate for the Black Lives Matter Movement and racial equality. She uses her poetry and speeches as acts of activism and protesting from home. In the future, Kimberly plans to major in either Biology, Biochemistry or Political Science in hopes to make a difference and fix many of the global issues that exist today. In her free time, however, she enjoys Youtube, Tiktok, and also music. She’s honored and excited to be apart of the junior team at Zenerations and to be able to share her work and interact with such phenomenal and brilliant young people!

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