AVANT-GARDE redefined

View a phenomenal artwork by Zenerations artist Aanya Khan on the misrepresentation of East Asian in Media. Khan drew inspiration from a Vogue Photo Spread – but added her own twist, rooting the piece in her cultural identity to represent the “Asian intellect, uniqueness, talent, and overall amplification.”


East Asians account for 1.7 billion people on this planet, and unfortunately, they are not represented in media and in the fashion industry enough – and when they are, it’s often in a subdued light that plays upon Western culture narratives. I’ve created this piece to show Asians in another light. Korean and Chinese streetwear, representation, and fashion are edgy, hip, and most definitely trendy – but in the Western media, Asians are often represented as being the “goofy side character” or “token” Asian model in a runway show. This artwork was taken inspired by a Vogue photo spread, however, I decided to add a few “shocking factors” of my own to truly represent the Asian intellect, uniqueness, talent, and overall amplification which is rarely shown in Western culture and media.

Aanya Khan, Artist Statement

Aanya Khan

Writer, Editor, Artist, Poet

Aanya Khan is a 16-year-old aspiring architect from Pakistan. She spends her time creating art and designs as well as educating herself on various global current affairs. She likes to look to use new and innovative platforms to spread awareness, messages, and information to our community – whether that be through art, science, maths, poetry, or literature.

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