AMONG US: Gen Z’s New Favorite Game

Between a world-changing pandemic and struggles with virtual learning, today’s teens are finding leisure and comfort in the popular online game.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online, multiplayer game, released in 2018, that recently gained popularity among Gen Z. In the game, a player can take one of two roles: crewmate or impostor. Gameplay takes place in a space-type setting where crewmates do tasks in order to beat the impostor(s), whose motives are to try and sabotage and kill the crewmates without getting caught. As crewmates die, meetings are held to vote out and discuss who the impostors are.

To win, the crewmates must either finish their tasks on the map, which vary from connecting wires and downloading data, or the impostors must kill crewmates until their population is equal to or less than that of the impostors (e.g. If there are 2 impostors, the impostors must kill until there are only 2 crewmates left. If one of the impostors gets voted out, the other impostor must kill until there is only 1 crewmate left). Despite its release in 2018, the game is only just now gaining popularity with popular YouTubers like JackSepticEye and PewDiePie even playing it.

Ever since society went into lockdown on March 13, 2020, people have been discovering new and creative ways to pass the time – from learning how to bake bread and playing Animal Crossing in the earlier months, to powerpoint parties and spending hours on Tiktok, curing boredom has been achieved in many different ways.

The newest addition to every teen’s quarantine checklist, Among Us, is a simplistically styled game, there’s no stunning visuals or groundbreaking new technology, but it being an experience shared with a group of friends, especially in the era of social distancing, is the game’s main appeal. Since then, memes, inside jokes, social media accounts, and even aspects of some company branding, have been centered around Among Us, and in an unexpected twist, it has completely taken over the Internet, and our lives.

We asked some Gen Z members of the Zenerations team why Among Us was so appealing to them.

“I love Among Us because it gives me an escape from reality. I get to connect with other people and play the game and all of a sudden all of my stress goes away. Even if it’s just for a short amount of time.”

— Abby Faith

“I love playing among us because I can play it with my friends. Amidst our crazy, busy lives, it’s always nice to set aside some time to connect with them virtually.”

—Alexis De Castro

“Among Us is such a relaxing game- even though it’s stressful at times. It’s kind of a break away from reality and a lowkey activity you can fill up your time with. Plus you get to meet so many people, and play online with friends!”

— Lauren Goulette

While Among Us is a game meant to “break friendships,” this game has been so addicting and allowed my friends and I to be more connected then ever, even if we’re constantly accusing each other of being the Impostor. It’s frustrating, fun, and a game that our generation raves about the most.

—Britney Bui

It’s okay to have some down time once in a while.

We’re at a point of our lives where everything feels like it’s going in fast forward, but also taking eons for time to pass by – and in this era of dissonance and pressure from the future, Gen Z needs to be reminded that it’s okay to relax, unwind, and take time for yourself.

It’s as though we’re constantly focused on being fully established by the time we’re young adults, around 25, but we must keep in mind that while we’re also part of a highly ambitious generation, we’re human beings, and teenage human beings, first. Despite our drive and desire for success, we must also value having fun while we’re young, even if it’s with something as simple as typing in “red kinda sus” on a multiplayer game.

So, when you’re done with online school, kick back and watch that Netflix episode. Call your friends and have a laugh. Play that round of Among Us, and remember that we’re gonna be alright.

Alexis De Castro

Alexis is a 15-year-old, rising sophomore and Filipino-American living in North Carolina. Some topics she is passionate about include STEM, history, music, and culture! She is an active leader of her school as she is a part of the Student Government Association, Model UN Club, Robotics Team, and Quiz Bowl Club. She plays in her school’s Marching band (mellophone), Jazz band (trumpet) and Concert band (French horn) and is a huge fan of the performative arts! She is really passionate about serving her community and has founded her own local organization to help music students in her area with their studies by offering them tutoring and private lessons. Some of her hobbies include making music, sewing, collecting stationery and watching anime.

Sophia Delrosario

Sophia Delrosario is a 16 year old, first-gen Filipina D|FAB major at High Tech High School that strives to make change in today’s world. She founded Zenerations in April 2020, is a member of the Junior State of America, served as Vice President and Secretary for Student Government, and is a Vine Member at JUV Consulting. She is passionate about writing, politics, film, STEM, and fashion, and is heavily involved in the activist space.

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