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TOPIC: Fandom Culture

December 18th, 8pm EST, over Zoom

Ever stayed up till 5am reading fanfiction about your favorite book series? Maybe followed cast fan accounts for a show you binged in a month, or created a blog to find internet friends to chat with about your new obsession?

Well then, you’ve joined a fandom – a subculture or community of fans that admire a certain tv show, actor, singer, book, & more.

Gen Z finds community in stan culture and simply expressing what they love, making new friends in the process.

Too often are people bashed for liking something, and are afraid to gush about their favorite things due to fear of judgement from other people.

But in December’s session of Today’s Teens Talk, we’ll be welcoming those feelings of admiration with open arms!

So come on! let’s talk about the things teens love.

With everything that has been going on, sometimes we, as Gen Z, need to distract ourselves from the demanding world around us. This week, we will be discussing Fandom Culture.

In this session of Today’s Teens Talk, we will explore:

  • What fandom culture is and how it affects Generation Z
  • Different categories and kinds of fandoms (Books, celebs, singers, etc)
  • The power of large fandoms and fanbases (So… basically k-pop.)
  • The limitations/toxicity of some fandoms and how it affects those we idolize


Today’s Teens Talk are open discussions that take place every month on Zoom!

It’s not a contest, not a debate, just a place where ANYONE and EVERYONE can hop on to discuss the topic, meet new people, gain insight and learn something new!

Topics can range from Netflix Shows to Black Lives Matter to College Applications to Self-Care, and will take place every month.

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