An Ode to the Outdoors

An original poem by Kiana Maria

Message from the author: “I wrote this poem in the beginning of quarantine as a way for me to come to terms with the world around me. I went through a huge growing stage during the quarantine, and this poem resembles the beginning of my growth. This piece was an eye-opening moment because this was the start of me being more appreciative, which in my eyes, is the greatest lesson of 2020, to be more appreciative.” an ode to the outdoors

an ode to the outdoors        
I took every ounce of you for granted
The trees look sad
Without people being able to breathe in 
What they offer
The earth’s crust is so thin
Every border closed
We are a country of tourists,
Yet we can’t have any visitors
We are torn by disease and lies
I miss the air
I miss the leaves
I miss my friends
All I truly want is for this to end
I forgot what the clouds looked like
Tufts of marshmallow fluff floating
Above the atmosphere
If that’s even what they looked like
Time feels obsolete
Like it was never there to begin with
I woke up last monday
And I thought it was friday
Nothing makes sense
North is south
And west is east
I never thought I’d see the world upside down
This time that we are living in, doesn’t even feel like time
It feels like laggy space
Just an empty vacuum 
What even is gravity
Honestly, the only thing keeping us grounded is each other. 

Kiana Maria

Kiana Maria is a 16 year old poet and activist who loves to share stories. Kiana is a part of her school’s Slam Poetry club. She has been writing ever since she was seven. Along with writing poetry for Zenerations, she writes for Gen Z Writes. She started a new teen podcast with Imanie Jeter called Teens Meet World. She hopes to become a lawyer to take on injustice within the court system. She is determined to make the world a better place in any way she can.

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