Quarantine Love Story Playlist


During quarantine, Generation Z has turned to social media to communicate and interact with one another. With nothing to do during the beginning and summer of the pandemic, many new friendships and bonds were made, with connections with different people from all over the world.

A huge part of the way we relate to music is the lyrics and the story that they tell. Music is powerful and can evoke an array of heartfelt emotions. Our team put together the “queer quarantine love story,” and used an arrangement of songs to tell the story of two lovers who met during quarantine and the ups and downs of their relationship. Many young people also came out during quarantine, and this playlist highlights both the positives and negatives of that journey.

Immerse yourself into this audible and visual experience by listening to the Spotify playlist in its specifically curated order, reading the descriptions according to each ‘scene’, and using your imagination to follow the two lovers through the early stages of falling in love, the loneliness that comes through distance, and finally the happy ending. 

In Love

Nowadays, all they do is open their phones, looking for a semblance of connection.  Social media is the closest thing there is to being with someone — so why not take the chance, why not start talking?  [Online Love, Crush]  It starts from Snapchats and progresses to DMs, and slowly, they begin texting and calling.  Quickly, they fall, even though they’re not sure where this will go.  [She Plays Bass, Say It]  All they want to do is be together, but they know it’s not possible right now, so they find their joy in small gestures.  [Hey There Delilah, Strawberry Blond]  Soon enough, they are spending every morning, every night, every day together.  There are butterflies in their stomach every second they spend together, and they are happy.  


As happiness fades, problems develop in this new relationship. Perhaps these problems arose from jealousy, sudden changes, or a struggle with identity, but nevertheless there is now a wedge between the two lovers. [The Village, Motion Sickness, Heather] This inspires feelings of loneliness and disconnect in the partners as they fall and sink away from each other. [Falling, Sinking] The two begin to doubt the reason they are fighting and miss each other deeply. [Break My Heart Again] As doubt and loneliness grow, the two start to see the fault in their actions and reminisce on their beautiful past memories. [Strawberries and Cigarettes]


One mind can’t help but drift, as they think about what they could’ve had between the two of them. [Betty by Taylor Swift] They want to relive the feeling of butterflies in their stomach, heart pounding, as the sun shone down on the two of them. The summer the two shared, they wanted to relive it with the other. They wonder what would happen if they did reach out to them, how it would feel to be reunited. [can’t help falling in love with you by haley reinhart] Realizing they miss the other too much to hold out any longer, and coming to the conclusion that it would be good for the both of them, they reach out. Stumbling on their words, as the other strengthens their voice, reintroducing the chemistry between them. [Two Slow Dancers by Mitski] They can’t help but agree, as the two embrace one another, a feeling of home pours over each of them. The passion they shared had not left, but just hibernated for a while, and is now back in full force. [No Plan by Hoizer]


It’d been a while since they were able to hold each other like this, and now they could never ask for anything else [Bloom, Rollercoaster]. Their old memories were clouded by hurt and disdain [Don’t Take The Money], but they are now ready to make new ones, ready to tread forward together [Lights Down Low, August]. This was their whole world, everything they wanted and needed and longed for. It’s easy to lose track of time, and the least they could do was to never take this for granted. This was their euphoria [Adore You, We Are The Children]. 

Listen to the Playlist Here!


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