Register for the Women of Color Conference!

2021 is finally here and #ItsOurYear! The Women of Color Conference is giving girls the tools to live up to this claim. Through career panels, grants, and mentorship programs, we aim to inspire young women to never limit themselves, but instead to reach for the stars and land among them. Through our conference community, we’ll remind them that no matter what they’ve gone through in 2020, they can use their voice to illuminate a brighter future. 2021 is the year of the black and brown girl; it’s the year for us all to be loud, make change, and thrive.

Featured Panels:

  • WOC in Politics
  • WOC in STEM
  • WOC in Business
  • WOC in Activism
  • WOC in Film
  • WOC in Performing Arts
  • WOC in Media

This is what the Women of Color Conference can offer you:

  • $4000 total in scholarships
  • Mentorship program
  • Opportunities to connect and network with other young girls of color

Be sure to follow the Women of Color Conference on Instagram, checkout our website, and join our community Discord for more information and updates!



WOC Community Discord:

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