I: The Egg

How small we were at first
Perhaps blissfully ignorant
and in matters of the world, unversed
Little eggs, unbeknownst to the reckoning-
The growth the not so distant future would bring

II: The Caterpillar

And then, we hatched
And almost instantly we knew it wasn’t a match–
This world we lived in and the one we wanted
And in such conviction so many of us were bonded
We searched for intellectual food
For the sake of learning to do good

III: Chrysalis

We sought quiet introspection
Or learned through joining coalitions
Aching for change, we changed ourselves:
through conversation, films, 
Finding new truth
or the books on our shelves
We ruptured from comfortable cases,
Interacted with new or marginalized faces
And coming to view the world anew,
We found ideas that would help us build societies we look forward too

IV: Adult

And finally we burst
And what a metamorphosis
How we all say to each other: “I’m so proud of you,
For how we changed and how we grew”
After some rest and recuperation,
After a difficult transformation
We earned our wings,
Ready to soar to new beginnings

Lucy Damachi

Lucy Damachi is a 16 year old high school junior in Nigeria. She has interests in climate justice, racial justice, indigenous rights, and sustainable development. Growing up in Nigeria has shaped many of these passions. She is a member of her school’s Student Council, served as vice president for her school’s Green Club, and is in love with community service. In her free time, she love to sing along to her favorite songs, read all sorts of literature, and explore the world of spoken word poetry. She is very excited to be working with the Zenerations team!

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