Awaken for Night


There is darkness-
And there is the will to see the night; to be it
A haven where creatures come to drink their tears,
For they were spilt in the morn
Guide them by the truest light

And the eyes of the soul
Embody strength
Carry it always, for the wind cannot take it-
She made promises she could not keep
Detach from earth again and again,
only to return each time

Peace will follow, though meaning may trickle-
Forgotten droplets of time

Artist’s Statement

“Awaken for night” is about the peace and quiet night brings. Oftentimes it is portrayed as the darkest and scariest time of day, but I am fascinated with the other side of it- the beauty the quiet holds. Humanity functions during the day, so the nighttime is like a break for the rest of the world. While I was writing this, I embraced the opportunity for introspection the late hours provided.

About The Artist

Amanda Buchman is a high school sophomore from Lewisboro, New York, who began writing poetry in the summer of 2020. She is passionate about social change and learning about enduring issues through an intersectional lens. She is excited that members of her generation are being given the chance via social media to be a part of the change through organizations like Zenerations. She also enjoys the simpler things in life, like watching television and playing online games with her friends.

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