Artists & Poets


Kiana Maria

Kiana Maria is a 16 year old poet and activist who loves to share stories. Kiana is a part of her school’s Slam Poetry club. She has been writing ever since she was seven. She writes poems about social justice topics, womens’ rights, and personal experiences. Along with writing poetry for Zenerations, she writes for Gen Z Writes. She is currently starting to learn how to act and is taking classes with Developing Artists, a non-profit organization that helps grow young artists aka ARTivists. She started a new teen podcast with Imanie Jeter called Teens Meet World. She hopes to become a human rights lawyer to take on injustice within the court system, and ensure equality for all. She is determined to make the world a better place in any way she can.



Elise Trail-Johnson is an artist from Minnesota taking a gap year before college. She’s grown up drawing and painting at every opportunity, and been the recipient of several awards for her work. Her newest creative endeavor has been teaching herself to sew and upcycle her own clothes in an effort to increase sustainability in her life. She loves to be outdoors, whether it be camping, skiing, kayaking, or simply taking her dog on a neighborhood walk!


Jacklyn Vandermel

Jacklyn Vandermel is 16 year olds and a sophomore at Northern Valley Demarest High School. She is a poet for Zenerations and passionately writes about diversity, equality, and mental health. She loves being adventurous and learning new things.


Allison Lowe

Allison Lowe is a writer and poet from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work has previously been published in Gigantic Sequins, The Blue Marble Review, and the Lumiere Review, among others.

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