Do the Grammys Have A Diversity Problem?

The Grammys is an award show which was created by ‘The Recording Academy’’ an American organization of musicians, recording engineers, producers and other recording professionals in 1959. The awards provide a “Grammy,” which recognizes outstanding achievement in mainly the English-language music industry.       Although BIPOC artists make up a significantly large majority of the musicContinue reading “Do the Grammys Have A Diversity Problem?”

The Terrifying Power of Racial Stereotypes in Popular Media – And What Hollywood Can Do To Become More Inclusive

Media and pop culture both play an immense role in shaping how people see the world. On average, teenagers consume nine hours a day of media – and adults 15.5 hours (, and biased media portrayals of racial groups and ethnicities cannot be dismissed as mere “entertainment,” especially not if their impact on the youth is taken seriously.

Researchers from Indiana University have found that prolonged television exposure predicts a decrease in self-esteem for girls and black boys, yet an immediate increase in the self-esteem of white boys. These differences correlate with the racial and gender practices in Hollywood, which predominantly casts white men as lionhearted, womanizing heroes, which erases or subordinates other groups as villains, tedious sidekicks, or sexual objects.