The Filipino Fight for Human Rights

2020 has been quite an eventful year for the Philippines. The eruption of Taal, tsunamis, COVID-19, and many more have contributed to the hardships Filipinos have been dealing with thus far. However, nothing can compare to the decades of terrorism that has threatened the land. Due to the Philippines’ proximity to the Middle East, the country has been subject to highly frequent terrorist attacks. To combat this, the Anti-Terrorism Bill was signed into law by President Duterte on July 3rd, 2020. But what does its passing really mean for Filipino citizens? Why is the bill so controversial? Why are Filipinos protesting it? More importantly, how come there is a lack of media coverage relating to this issue? Opposed to the all-inclusive coverage of the Black Lives Matter Movement in America, Junk Terror Bill protests have barely managed to scrape the surface of mainstream media. In terms of social media, Junk Terror Bill posts have also drowned in the flurry of Black Lives Matter, and here’s why: