TW: mentions of mental health issues, murder
On July 24, singer Taylor Swift surprised the world with her 8th studio album, folklore, an unexpected move that quickly became number 1 in sellings and streaming platforms. The release of folklore broke the pattern Swift had been following for years, building eras for her albums and leaving a span of at least two years between releases. Now, five months later, she has done it again. On December 11, Swift unexpectedly released her 9th studio album, titled evermore, as a sequel to folklore’s alternative style. On the Instagram post where she announced the record, she explained evermore is “folklore’s sister” and was born out of a prolific song-writing process where she “just couldn’t stop writing songs”. The escapism she felt when telling these stories and the warm welcome the fans gave to them encouraged her and her team to keep exploring this theme.

The Rise of Young Adult Literature

“Young Adult literature,” “Youth literature,”  and “Y.A.” are all examples of names for the same types of novels: ones aimed for audiences aged 12 to 18 years old, also known as teenagers. Y.A. is a category that can vary from adult novels to children’s books, and therefore is not a genre, but an encapsulation ofContinue reading “The Rise of Young Adult Literature”


On July 23, 2020, American singer Taylor Swift surprised the world by announcing that she was releasing her 8th studio album the following day, accompanied by the first single of the album “cardigan” and its music video. This was a complete shock to her millions of fans around the world, as she is known forContinue reading “THE LINES BETWEEN FANTASY AND REALITY BLUR: AN ANALYSIS AND REVIEW OF “FOLKLORE” BY TAYLOR SWIFT”

THE REFUGEE CRISIS: a first-person view through “My Grandmother Nadia” by Rita Audi

“My grandmother Nadia: the journey of a refugee” is a first-person short memoir on Nadia Kahlouf’s refugee journey in 2013 written by her granddaughter, Rita Audi. As the real and dangerous situations of millions of Syrians fade to become just a speck of data that many overlook, books like this are necessary to understand the harsh reality of this crisis.

Body Positivity and the Role Brands Have in this Movement

Generation Z has been a relentless force in the rise of conversations about issues such as eating disorders and how we can reform those issues into body positivity. As years have passed, we have become more and more conscious about traditional standards that tend to perpetuate the idea of a “perfect” body shape. Even thoughContinue reading “Body Positivity and the Role Brands Have in this Movement”

Online Mourning and Grief for a Celebrity’s Passing

When I first heard about the disappearance of Naya Rivera, I couldn’t react. I just parked the thought at the back of my mind and checked the news from time to time hoping to hear something from her. It didn’t feel real, not when just two days before I had been re-watching her visit to Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz’s podcast alongside Heather Morris. Not when I had been working out to my “GLEE FAVOURITES” playlist that same morning. But it was very real. Yesterday, I was out with some friends when I got a Twitter notification that a body had been found and that it had been concluded it was Naya’s. I didn’t know how to react. Was I in my right to cry or to feel the need for mourning a person I never met? Was it okay for me not only to feel saddened but devastated by the death of a person I didn’t really know personally?