How America Is(n’t) Handling COVID-19 in Prison

Last month, June of 2020, late-night comedian John Oliver delivered a story discussing the treatment of prisoners during the coronavirus outbreak on his adult-oriented HBO talk show Last Week Tonight. Oliver is famous for his segments on various topics, ranging from serious to comedic, examples being net neutrality, multilevel marketing, sex education, the opioid epidemic, family separation, and multiple foreign elections. Coining the term the “John Oliver effect”, he has had a hand in pushing for multiple changes in legislation, regulation, and culture in America. Most notably, he pushed for the FCC to adopt net neutrality regulations. Last Week Tonight has an immense audience, with it bringing in over one million viewers on its first episode covering the coronavirus. Now, Oliver has done 9 separate episodes on the coronavirus (as of July 11, 2020) and the effects the virus has had on various facets of the world, including evictions, testing, sports, and the focus of this article, how America is handling the virus in its jails and prisons. […]