Activism in the Digital Age of Social Distancing

In this time of social distancing and increased reliance on technology, how can we create real change for problems we care about? There are many ways to take action, and Generation Z is always finding new ways to do so in times of uncertainty. Some of these methods including signing petitions, donating, and posting on social media, will all be discussed throughout this article. However, it should be noted that some methods are more effective than others.
In this article, I will talk about three main types of activism – performative activism, passive activism, and real activism – as well as analyse which is the most effective. It is important to respond appropriately to issues we care about, and ensure that our actions contribute to positive change and progression.

Zoonotic Diseases and Human Behavior

Most of you know that COVID-19 is an infectious disease that can cause mild to severe respiratory illnesses. But not many of you may know exactly where it comes from. In the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, there were conspiracy theories that a Chinese individual who consumed bat soup had started the spread. This isContinue reading “Zoonotic Diseases and Human Behavior”

Individualism vs. Collectivism in a Global Pandemic

There are currently over 13 million cases of coronavirus globally. The unprecedented pandemic has forced cities into lockdown, and caused an economic recession that is unparalleled in history. After months of lockdown and restrictions on movement, several cities are starting to reopen as cases begin to decline. But it seems that people are forgetting that the coronavirus is still a reality, and that many countries are already starting to experience second waves. Examples of such countries include Singapore, Iran, Germany and South Korea. People are demanding that governments should lift lockdown restrictions and are advocating for their freedom and human rights. Should governments listen? Is it right for people to be protesting for their freedom at this time? In my opinion, we should be worrying more about public safety instead of individual preferences […]