Don’t make jokes at the expense of Texans: understand the importance of reliable infrastructure.

With the rise of online criticism of conservative beliefs, figures, and news outlets has come a new form of “activism” that extends these criticisms into a mockery of red states. Even more, this has formed a new belief that red states and the people who inhabit them deserve to be the punchline of all “jokes” because of who the majority of people in those states vote for; this discounts the minority communities in each of these states that not only suffer because of their states’ legislators, but now are placed in a position where they are forced to hear about how everyone in their state deserves the lot they receive in life. It disregards the blatant voter suppression that these states imposed on marginalized voters and fails to recognize that not everyone living in a red state aligns with conservative beliefs. Making online jokes surrounding the unfortunate circumstances of red states was a common practice after Florida was declared a red state in the 2020 presidential election, which placed the state at the mercy of various hurricane and natural disaster jokes, and is now becoming commonplace following the spike in Texas winter storms and record freezing temperatures.


2020 has been a year in which the world has embraced movements that bring light to the various inequalities and injustices BIPOC communities have been facing for centuries. Social media has always been an outlet for uplifting and recognizing aspiring creators, and with the rise of attention toward movements such as the Black Lives Matter movement has come attention toward the fact that creators of color do not receive the same amount of recognition when releasing content that white creators do. This stems from the undeniable fact that social media platforms employ racial biases when choosing who to feature on their site’s most prominent pages.

The Youth Can Save Us, But Gen Z’s Savior Complex Can’t

In a year full of uncertainty and struggle, Generation Z has proven that they will receive any victory that comes their way with open arms. Whether this be by using platforms such as TikTok and Twitter to ensure a low turnout at Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or by being praised for sharing infographics on their Instagram story that say “Vote!” or “What’s Going on in _____,” this display of activism is how a whole generation has brought itself together and prided itself on being “the most progressive generation.” This has unfortunately also worked towards feeding Gen Z’s savior complex.

A Guide to Pronouns

The third International Pronouns Day was celebrated throughout the U.S. on October 21st, 2020. International Pronouns Day aims to normalize respecting, sharing, and spreading information about personal pronouns– it promotes the basic human decency that comes with referring to people by their pronouns. The truth that so many people that are against the idea ofContinue reading “A Guide to Pronouns”

Christine Lee: Harvard Student, Climate Activist, YouTube Creator

Generation Z has grown up in a time where social media presence and activism, more often than not, go hand in hand. The widespread use of platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok within the past decade has provided users with ways to engage in civic-related conversations and build a name for themselves when it comes to advocating for human rights. For someone like Christine Lee, social media presence is everything.

THE NEW NORMAL: Everyday Steps we can Take to Combat Racism

There is no room to write off the movement as short-lived when police departments have yet to be fully defunded or abolished, murderers are still walking free masked as cops, and Black people continue to be murdered because of the color of their skin. Black Lives Matter as a whole is our “new normal.”

The COVID NineTEEN Project: A Global Volunteer Tutoring Service

The Covid NineTEEN Project is there to provide stressed parents, confused students, and financially struggling families with free teen-led activities and one-on-one tutoring. Founded by Sarah Shapiro and Skye Loventhal, The Covid NineTEEN Project is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to aiding students all over the world in grades 1 through 5 to overcome and adapt to remote learning while taking stress off of parents.

OPINION: No Justice, No Peace. #BlackLivesMatter

DISCLAIMER: This article represents no political affiliations and does not serve to bring down any political opinions. This is an expressive piece strictly regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, and does not establish Zenerations as a partisan organization. George Floyd was murdered on May 25th, 2020 by a police officer because he was black. SayContinue reading “OPINION: No Justice, No Peace. #BlackLivesMatter”