Colleges vs. COVID: Will It Be A Re-Opening or A Resurgence?

As the new school year begins, it’s reasonable for many students to want to put an end to their isolated quarantine and meet people. Especially for students in college where they find living on campus as their first taste of freedom— away from the shackles of parents, home, and (possibly) siblings. However, for many first-year students, the glorified “campus life” is no longer what they expected due to the ongoing pandemic. So what happens now that colleges are reopening amidst a pandemic? Well, one of two things: social distancing or parties. And it seems that some colleges have chosen the latter of the two.

dear gen z students – a letter of positivity, reassurance, and hope for the future

Dear Gen Z students, We are all at a moment in time where life is not normal; we have to make adjustments and adapt. Starting a new school year amidst a global pandemic will be tough as everyone struggles to find balance in their life and education. Some schools will be in person with strictContinue reading “dear gen z students – a letter of positivity, reassurance, and hope for the future”

BREAKING DOWN BOUNDARIES: From Loving to Hating K-pop

I am a member of BTS’s fandom, ARMY. I am happy listening to their songs, watching their videos and live-streams, and experiencing their concerts. They have made me brighter in so many aspects of my life. But the fact that I am still afraid to openly say that I listen to Kpop is smothering. Why must people hate other people simply because of the music they listen to? Why do I get side glanced and ostracized simply for enjoying a specific genre of music that makes me happy? Be open to new experiences. Be tolerant of other cultures. Be accepting of people who are different from you. Music transcends language. Music can bring people together. Open your mind to something new and that moment may be serendipitous.