How Heatwaves Affect Low-Income Communities

    For the past two weeks, the northern and western United States have been facing an incapacitating heatwave. Temperatures have reached over 100°, and many people do not have access to the appropriate methods of dealing with this extreme heat.  These temperatures disproportionately affect low-income neighborhoods, BIPOC, and the homeless.     The heatwave is murderous. Continue reading “How Heatwaves Affect Low-Income Communities”

The Dilution of Academic Terms in Pop Culture

An Analysis of Social Media’s Role in the Overuse of Certain Words     Normalization, romanticization, gaslighting, toxic, trigger: all of these words have something in common.  You are likely quite familiar with them, as you have likely seen them plastered over social media, being overused and diluted to the point where you are no longerContinue reading “The Dilution of Academic Terms in Pop Culture”

Turkey’s Withdrawal From the Istanbul Convention — Women and LGBTQ+ People Need Our Help

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan withdrew Turkey from the Istanbul Convention without any parliamentary debate.The Istanbul Convention is a human rights treaty designed to prevent gender-based violence against women and LGBTQ+ members, protect victims and prosecute perpetrators. It aims to uphold their fundamental human right through creating a life free from violence and terror.Leaving the Convention would effectively deprive them of equal legal protections against abuse and violence they face everyday in our societies.