Wandavision: The Mind-Twisting TV show that doesn’t follow the cookie-cutter superhero story formula

In today’s unexpected era of self-isolation, where time doesn’t feel real, where our lives have been flip-turned upside down, it’s almost natural to want a complete escape from reality.
Wandavision, the first installment of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, helps viewers achieve being immersed into another world – not just literally, but within the actual story itself. The show portrays the title characters, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, doing exactly that – living in a false reality where everything is swimmingly perfect – or so it seems.

The Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis: Allyship and Awareness

Every state with a notable Indigenous population has the same recurring factor: Native women are murdered at a rate at ten times the national average in the United States.  It is approximated that more than around 5,700 Native women are labeled missing or murdered. This excludes any unreported cases and information- and due to lackContinue reading “The Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis: Allyship and Awareness”