An Overview of Antisemitism: It’s Tropes, Effects, and Current Examples

TWs: antisemitism, antisemitic attacks, the Holocaust and Nazis, gun violence.
Before I start talking about antisemitism, I want to write a disclaimer about myself: I do not consider myself to be religiously Jewish and I have not personally experienced antisemitism. That being said, my father’s family is Jewish and I’ve grown up around Jewish friends. I also try to connect to my Jewish culture and ancestry. So, while I’ve never experienced antisemitism myself, I have been surrounded by Judaism my entire life and it is an important part of my family’s history that I always enjoy learning about and experiencing. 

The Stigma of Quarantine Weight Gain

TW: dieting, eating disorders
Society and weight gain has always had a long and unhealthy history. With the pandemic, and the so-called “Quarantine 15,” a spin-off of the “Freshman 15,” the perpetuation of diet culture has only increased. This is very dangerous, as dieting has a direct link to developing eating disorders. A higher use of the internet and social media has also expanded the reach of this issue. There is a detestably large amount of advice articles on the internet that provide tips for how to ‘Lose That Quarantine 15.’ With more activity on social media, there’s been an increase of weight loss pressure, especially with TikTok and other popular social media apps.

A Different Perspective on Medusa’s Story: a Feminist Retelling of a Greek Myth

In Greek, the word ‘Medusa’ symbolizes guardian, or protectress. Athena herself wears the Gorgoneion, an amulet with a gorgon’s face, as a protective pendant. So why, when learning of all the stories about Medusa, is she seen as evil, or someone who needs her head chopped off? When Medusa’s name and self has the meaning of a guardian, why is she depicted as someone the world needs to be guarded from? That Medusa, the only mortal gorgon, is to be feared, and Perseus did right by decapitating her?

Our Thoughts on the Michelle Obama Podcast

While listening to Michelle Obama’s first episode of her new podcast, which can be found for free on Spotify, I had some thoughts I wanted to share, and I asked some friends in Zenerations for their input as well. Many of these are tangents, thoughts diverging from the specific topic the Obamas talked about, butContinue reading “Our Thoughts on the Michelle Obama Podcast”

The Importance of Celebrating Pride During the Black Lives Matter Movement and a Global Pandemic

It is important to remember that you can celebrate LGBTQ+ rights and march on the streets for Black lives at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive, and are often more entwined than we expect. The Black Lives Matter movement needs people chanting “Black Trans Lives Matter”!