Dark Humor: Where Does it Cross the Line?

In an era where political correctness has infiltrated its way into several aspects of life, the gruesome comedy form of ‘dark humor’ has occasionally been used as a mask to hide intentional discrimination, such as misogyny, homophobia, racism, ableism, and more. Rather than being embraced as a style of comedy by certain internet users, theContinue reading “Dark Humor: Where Does it Cross the Line?”


March 14th was the day quarantine started. It was also my sixteenth birthday, and as I stared outside my bedroom window, I wondered if I’d ever get the chance to get out there again and fulfill my dream of changing the world. As I began to lose a sense of time, structure, and reality, the future started looking hazy and unknown. A couple weeks later, I had this idea – one to connect, uplift, and empower the youth, a space for creatives and activists and entrepreneurs and changemakers, a place where your voice is heard and you are seen. My amazing friend and creative partner, Lilly, told me to ‘just do it’, and so I did, with barely any experience or knowledge, only a great passion and a fire inside me that refused to be put out.

DYENOSAUR APPAREL: 15-Year-Old CEO Vivian Nguyen on Founding Her Clothing Company

DYENOSAUR APPAREL. No, that was not a typo for the prehistoric mammal that roamed the earth some 65 million years ago, it is the name of the tie-dye clothing business established by a member of today’s generation. Vivian Nguyen , 15, is creative, entrepreneurial, and the poster child for young women in business: learn aboutContinue reading “DYENOSAUR APPAREL: 15-Year-Old CEO Vivian Nguyen on Founding Her Clothing Company”

HAMILTON: How the Broadway Musical Parallels Today’s Movements

If you stand for nothing, Burr, what will you fall for? On Friday, July 3, the recorded version of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton was made available to stream on Disney+, released early, “in light of the world turning upside down”, stated by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who penned the show. When I first listened to theContinue reading “HAMILTON: How the Broadway Musical Parallels Today’s Movements”

JADE RODRIGUEZ. She is the Journey.

If you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to go far, go together. African Proverb Often, life is perceived as a singular path, as one journey. There’s a starting point, then a linear path that you can stroll about to reach your destined ending. As 15-year-old actress, singer, and mental healthContinue reading “JADE RODRIGUEZ. She is the Journey.”

KIMANI CULBREATH. The Perfect Storm.

This phenomenal aspiring actress is is a star in the making. She longs for the day she lands her most coveted roles, such as X-Men’s Storm or Spider-Gwen, and can walk down Hollywood Boulevard to see her name engraved in one of those shiny pink stars. The City of Angels isn’t just a glamorous, avocado-toast and Soul Cycle filled scene, it’s her drive, her dream, and her destiny.

ERICA CHOE. The Female, Asian, Newly Elected JSA Governor.

The forty five presidents of the United States all vary based on political parties, affiliations, height, race — but the one characteristic they all share in common is their gender. They’re all men. Not one woman has been elected president in American history. Though we’ve made progress with female political leadership, with renowned figures likeContinue reading “ERICA CHOE. The Female, Asian, Newly Elected JSA Governor.”

FAERIE. Wander to the Fantasy World of this Singer/Songwriter.

The “Fever Dream” singer talks about the inspirations behind the pursuit of her career, performing at a TEDx talk, the colorful vibe and aesthetic around her alter ego, the production behind her new single, and her advice to up-and-coming freelance artists to keep working hard and believe in yourself.

“Her vocals are her wings, to spread them is to sing, and with each sound of solace, Faerie flies.”

KIANA MARIA ROMAN. The Poetry Powerhouse.

Imagine you’re a high school student, sitting in a large audience facing a mostly empty stage with a singular mic-stand atop it. Above said stage is a banner with a commanding ‘WORD UP’ scribbled across colorful, graffiti-like swirls. You likely went to this poetry event because your friends dragged you along, expecting boring, monotone readingsContinue reading “KIANA MARIA ROMAN. The Poetry Powerhouse.”