Against the mirror,
I see broken corners
and folds,
pinches of warmth
and bottled ice.
I stare,
A glass of sparkling cider
clinks across the room.

A CRY FOR JUSTICE: What is Happening in Nigeria?

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was a branch of the Nigerian Police Force created in 1992 to deal with widespread armed robbery crimes. They intended to combat crimes such as motor vehicle theft, kidnapping, and abuse of firearms. However, the group quickly gained controversy as ties to extrajudicial killings, torture, and police brutality were made clear. In 2015, following the appointment of a new Inspector General of Police (IGP), attempts were made to address the corruption of SARS. As a result, the Complaint Response Unit (CRU) was established, and SARS was split into two separate units for organizational purposes. Nevertheless, these reforms failed to create significant change. According to Amnesty International, eight out of the nine police officers they interviewed were unaware of these reforms. The same trend occurred when Amnesty International researchers visited SARS units in Abuja and Enugu in the summer of 2016. The sheer negligence of these police authorities for policy statements has become increasingly worrisome. SARS’ purpose was to decrease dangerous measures in Nigeria—but instead, they abused their power and fueled terror throughout the country.

WRITTEN BY: Sophie Guo & Lauren Goulette

WASTELANDIA: The Intersectionality of Food Waste in America and Ways to Combat It

Why is it that in a nation where almost 40 million people suffer from food insecurity, food waste remains extremely prevalent? Why is it that in a country that values capitalism and money above all, citizens are complacent when $165 billion gets wasted on food each year? Logically, none of this should make sense, butContinue reading “WASTELANDIA: The Intersectionality of Food Waste in America and Ways to Combat It”

SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES: Should the United States Postal Service be privatized?

As defined by the 1971 Postal Reorganization Act, the USPS is “an independent establishment of the executive branch” of the United States Government. The USPS is responsible for providing reliable, prompt, and affordable mail service to all residents of the United States…

INERTIA. An Original Poem by Sophie Guo.

“Inertia” is a poem I wrote that talks about the awkwardness of a relationship when both partners are afraid to have the important conversations they must have. It’s about experiencing the early stages of love from an introvert’s perspective and not being ready to handle the vulnerabilities that come with a relationship. It’s about remaining silent, even when the world is crashing down around you, because you’re ultimately more terrified of being heard.