Typhoon Vamco Drowns Philippines in Disaster

As of November 2020, The Philippines suffered from Typhoon Vamco’s wrath killing just under 70 Filipino inhabitants, earning the name of the worst natural disaster the country experienced this year. The Philippines has been overcome with mass floods that have left thousands of people without homes, food, and money. This aquatic hell has forced thousands to evacuate to shelters and left the Philippines 25,000 scarce in homes and 9.7 million dollars in debt to infrastructural damage.

The Umbrella Academy Takes a Field Trip To The 60’s

New characters. Different timeline. The same goal. Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy hit us with a turbulent hurricane.
Previously, the seven children of the world-renowned billionaire, Reginald Hargreeves, did all it took to stop the apocalypse. Many secrets were uncovered in the first season, like Vanya revealing her destructive sonic powers to Hargreeves commiting suicide. The first season ended with Vanya causing the apocalypse, sending a mega-asteroid to Earth. With quick-thinking and time ticking, they decided to travel back in time and fix things with a different approach.

Yemen: More than a Crisis

The Yemenis experienced a civil war in that 5-year period that claimed the lives of more than 100,000 Yemenis. The basis of this war is heated political tension between some of the Yemenis and their President. These were more than simple disagreements, as the Houthi Rebels wanted a new government, while the Yemen Government tried to fix their unemployment rates and attempted to help their people. Amongst these tragic adversities, Yemen also suffers from mass famine, mass malnutrition, lack of medicine, lack of food, and decimated homes from artillery strikes. This stems from the fact that over 24 million Yemenis need assistance before disease and violence manifest further.