NAIMA IDRISSI. The World is Her Stage.

At just sixteen, Naima Idrissi is a young actress, poet and singer, striving to get her name up on a marquee in shimmering lights.


TIFFANY LEVEILLE: My Time in Foster Care

“My time in foster care is not something I have ever talked about publicly before. Although, many people know I spent time in the foster care system and understand how important this issue is to me, I have never detailed this experience. Entering foster care can be one of the scariest things to ever happen to a child.”

SCHOOL BELL BLOG. Helping Gen Z Pursue their Professional Aspirations.

Article by Rashel Chipi, Founder of School Bell Blogs

“I started a website by the name of School Bell Blog. It is a bilingual website designed to give students of my county the basic information they needed that most other college-prep resources assumed students already knew. This included anything from the meaning of ‘freshman, sophomore, junior, senior’ to long lists of free summer programs.”


Thank you to all medical workers. To express our gratitude for all of the people putting their lives out on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zenerations partnered with Notes For Support, an organization featured on ABC News that sends heartfelt messages to medical workers and patients to hospitals nationwide. We developed a projectContinue reading “HEARTS FOR HEALTHCARE”

ERIC NGUYEN. The New Gem of the New Gen.

Insightful, brilliant, and starry-eyed, Eric Nguyen is a crystal-clear visionary. He is the very quintessence of change, his persona creating fractures in the glass ceiling. His interview details his love for art and fashion, his bisexuality, and taking inspiration from Timothee Chalamet, Virgil Abloh, and Rihanna to illustrate gender ambiguity in his unisex fashion styles.


An Original Poem by Saira Uttamchandani.

“Why can’t tan skin, the melanin peeking through our cells. hair as black as the night, chocolate brown eyes, and a natural, healthy body, be considered beautiful? Why do some women have to change who they are, to meet a standard of sculpted beauty that destroys and dehumanizes them? Why aren’t we viewed as beautiful just the way we are?”


Article Written by Cabra
Simply one of the most articulate, well thought out, and beautifully written pieces on queerness, how queerness manifests in people, and going against social norms is now featured on our site. Here is CABRA.
“If everything about me were a piece to a larger puzzle, Cabra is the picture on the box.”

JOVY ROSE. The Filipina Dancer That Blossoms with Positivity.

Article by Jovy Rose Mariano
It’s the beauty in the movement. Jovy Rose Mariano is an accomplished dancer, who currently studies at the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance School in New York. She’s a bubble of positivity and love, and poured her entire heart into the composition of this article. Read Jovy’s writing on her dance experience, form of artistic expression, communities that help her grow, and sharing her knowledge with the next generation.