greenwashing: are companies really being eco-friendly?

Have you ever purchased an item from your favorite store’s ‘eco-collection’? Ever praised shops like H&M for having an environmentally friendly Conscious collection, or saw a click-baity promo message in your email inbox saying they’re ‘going green’?  Greenwashing  /ɡrēn/ˈwäSHiNG Greenwashing is a tactic utilized by businesses in which they create the illusion that their companyContinue reading “greenwashing: are companies really being eco-friendly?”

Earth Day 2021: Origin, Gen Z’s Take, and Future Conservation Efforts

Earth Day Origin and Aims Earth Day takes place on April 22. It is a day intended to inspire people to act to conserve and protect the environment. The 2021 Earth Day theme is “Restore our Earth.” This theme emphasizes the damage humans have inflicted on Earth, and hopes to move them to amend thatContinue reading “Earth Day 2021: Origin, Gen Z’s Take, and Future Conservation Efforts”

Why Do Cities Hate The Homeless?

Hostile architecture, known as anti-homeless architecture is a form of architectural design to prevent or impede crime and help maintain order. It is a trend in urban design that discourages the use of spaces in any way other than the intention of the owner or designer. This has existed all over the world in various ways, but the most harmful examples have come in the way of targeting the homeless community, an already marginalized group, many who look for a place to sleep or rest throughout the day. 

Why Gen Z Loves Labels

Labels. We find them on cans of food, clothing tags, and our electronics. A label should theoretically be confined to a piece of material on a product that tells about said product, yet Gen Z still finds ways to label themselves. Gen Z likes to define themselves through style, such as finding an aesthetic like light/dark academia, cottagecore, kidcore, etc. Gen Z also likes to find things (seemingly) rooted in science, like astrology, and make decisions based on those things. While the idea of labels may seem confining, all of these labels and defining characteristics allow Gen Z to connect with others similar to them. 

From One Woman to Another, I Know You May be Feeling Scared Right Now

here is a list of apps, toolkits, tips, and self-defense tactics to hopefully ease your mind when leaving the house – even though we shouldn’t have to.
first, it shouldn’t be our responsibility to stay safe – the priority should be on men educating themselves to respect us.
However, – we know that now, in this particular time, women may still be hesitant to leave their homes, especially with the tragic passing of Sarah Everard, the staggering statistic of 97%, and the countless attacks on women that we hear about on the news.

Going Past the Hashtag #StopAsianHate

Honoring the victims and supporting your AAPI friends by Marinel Perez To respect the wishes of their families, Zenerations will not be publishing the names of the victims. Instead, we urge you to donate to their families and other impacted community members, and Asians Americans Advancing Justice. As we honor and say their names, manyContinue reading “Going Past the Hashtag #StopAsianHate”

Discussing Anti-Asian History and its Societal Effects Today

Educating yourself on anti-Asian imperialism by Sanjna Mizar, Keya Raval, and Ishani Solanki  While there has been a significant rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s important to acknowledge that these horrific acts aren’t individual acts of violence, but a result of the extensive history of anti-Asian ImperialismContinue reading “Discussing Anti-Asian History and its Societal Effects Today”

A Quick Guide to Unlearning & How You Can Unlearn Racist Ideologies.

A wave of online activism sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement in response to police brutality and white supremacy flooded the internet and social media platforms in 2020. Emerging from this wave came educational infographics, blogs, and multimedia on anti-racism, which covered some terminology that became popularized during the movement. The word “unlearning” is one of them, and you may have already frequently heard it from many people online who sought to be better and “educate themselves” on anti-racism. So what exactly does unlearning mean, anyway?

Financial Literacy in Gen Z: a look into the research and reality of this generation’s financial knowledge and goals

In 2021 the oldest members of Generation Z will be 24 years old, making the bulk of this generation teenagers and young adults who are already starting to enter the workforce. While financial literacy may seem like another buzz word it actually might be one of the most valuable life skills a person can learn in their formative years. Mac Gardener, a certified financial planner and financial literacy advocate, even told CNBC he believes “the number-one behavior children learn from their parents is spending habits,”. This is something that can actually widen the wealth gap when we consider that wealthy families most likely have the luxury of resources to teach financial competencies to their children.

WRITTEN BY: Fiona Bernardin