The Green New Deal: An Analysis

In New York City, there is a clock. A clock that counts every second until humanity is locked in a prison of its own creation. As of December 2020, there are barely 7 years remaining until climate change is irreversible. Humanity must achieve zero emissions before this timer hits zero.

OLIVIA RODRIGO’S DRIVERS LICENSE: Record-breaking 17 year old that catapulted into stardom – and the backlash that comes with young success

At only 17 years old, she has made waves in the music industry, breaking national and global records all within days of the release of her debut single, “drivers license,” on January 8th, 2021. Olivia is especially inspiring for young women of color as a Filipina-American herself, having earned the title of First Asian-American Woman to hit #1 on the Apple Music Charts.

Joking about Red States is Far from Harmless

November’s election undoubtedly caused anxiety across the nation. Millions of Americans apprehensively switched between news channels and reloaded internet tabs, watching as the election map was colored in state by state. As votes poured in, several states, such as Wisconsin and Michigan, dramatically gravitated from red to blue, while others, such as Florida and Texas, moved from blue into red.


Our Detachment from Reality

From a worldwide pandemic to explosions to forest fires and even murder hornets- 2020 has been a pretty rough year. And it’s only October! Many people believe that the tragedies that occurred in 2020 were the product of what is known as the “2020 curse,” a series of freak events that are birthed from extremely bad luck. This notion covers up the true actuality of why so many disastrous occurrences took place in 2020, many were the outcome of several years of background harm all happening to boil over at the same time. Even so, most of the world has been at home in quarantine throughout some part of 2020.

WRITTEN BY: Prerna Kulkarni

A Left Wing Who Pushes for Reform = Communist?

A constant fear trots along a major part of the political system in America. The fear of Communism. A fear so large it seemingly consumes the mindsets of right wing parties. Two of Generation Z’s most beloved politicians: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders. Perhaps the most notable similarity between the two is that they are both democratic socialists who push for progressive reform that are labelled as ‘radical’ in the US but are basic rights in many other countries, like Switzerland. Many republicans often try to convince the public that AOC and Sanders are communists, including Trump. It’s no secret that many politicians use their opponents’ political stance to degrade them; right wing politicians from time to time are labelled as fascists, left wings are sometimes labelled as communists. It’s a dog eat dog world. What’s the fear of communism in the States about? Why are liberal left wings often conflated with it?
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BTS: The K-Pop Sensation That Proves Music Transcends Language

If there was ever a doubt that music transcends language – there’s not a chance for that now. Record-breaking Korean pop sensation BTS has not only caused a fracture in the hesitations towards non-Anglicized music, but have completely shattered it altogether, redefining and reimagining what it means to be an entertainer in the modern age. From performing numbers complete with dazzling costumes, show-stopping vocals and perfectly-in-sync choreography, to becoming the first K-pop group to earn a Grammy nod, to showing their infinite love for their devoted fans, it’s no surprise as to why BTS owns the throne.


Delhi Farmer Protests

Outrage from 3 central farm legislations have been increasing since September. Farmers in India are full of anger towards their government, as the laws passed will impact them greatly. Since late November and the first few days in December, thousands of farmers have marched to the capital, coming from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. On December 8th, there was a nationwide protest amongst the farmers of India.