7 Fashion Trends that Originated from Black Culture

Styles and cultures have been taken away from Black people for decades to be reclaimed as something more “trendy” or “appropriate.” With the recent rise in media attention towards the Black Lives Matter movement, it is important to understand where aspects of our society have come from, and the stigma that Black people have faced regarding their styles that white people have never faced. The double standard between POC and white people when it comes to the fashion industry is not an isolated issue; Black Lives Matter encapsulates all issues that Black people face.

Article by Dylan Follmer and Sophia Delrosario

CHANGE. Let’s Rewrite the Story. | Dear Asian Youth x Zenerations

OPEN MIC LIVESTREAM EVENT: August 5th, 5pm PST / 8pm EST, featuring music performances, artworks, and literature by the youth reflecting on how 2020 has changed us. Join us on Dear Asian Youth’s Youtube channel for a night to just sit back, relax, and watch young artists do what they love the most – create. Together, we’re rewriting the story.

Girls in White Coats

Girls in White Coats is a nonprofit initiative founded by a 17-year old high schooler from Princeton, New Jersey. This virtual and fast-growing community provides support and guidance to young women who are passionate about becoming healthcare leaders in the near future. The organization currently consists of over 65 enthusiastic and powerful girls from around the globe who are all united by a common goal of fighting to end gender disparities in the medical fields and of course, their love for medicine.

TAKE ME IN. By Trisha Beher.

“And as my toes, once covered in a brown sugar like consistency, slowly find the waves, I start to wade in faster, as my body begins to cave, The second I find the riptide, I feel a small glimmer of eternal happiness,
It is a beautiful thing for the greatest force on the universe, to finally consume you completely, as you bask in its fatal magnificence.”

KAYLAH HOLMES. Creating a Seat at the Table.

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY KAYLAH HOLMES Kaylah Holmes is a junior in high school that has devoted her high school career to representation for women, POC, and LGBTQ+ groups. She started her school’s first youth neuroscience society, and was inaugurated as the future co-president of the gender equality movement. Outside of school she works at theContinue reading “KAYLAH HOLMES. Creating a Seat at the Table.”