Board of Directors

This group of student leaders help pave the way for Gen Z to gain opportunities, empower themselves and empower others, and make a difference in today’s society. Learn more about each Director and their hobbies, accomplishments, interests, and stories!

Meet the Founder & Director

Sophia Delrosario

Sophia Delrosario is a 16 year old, first-gen Filipina D|FAB major at High Tech High School that strives to make change in today’s world. She founded Zenerations in April 2020, is a member of the Junior State of America, served as Vice President and Secretary for Student Government, and is a Vine Member at JUV Consulting. She is passionate about writing, politics, film, STEM, and fashion, and is heavily involved in the activist space.

Meet our Associate Director/Director of Graphic Design

Lilly Marsh

This sixteen-year old, multi-talented creative genius can do it all. From photography, to DIY clothes, to playing guitar and piano, to creating clay earrings, Lilly has several hobbies and a knack for craftiness that makes her the perfect graphic designer for ZENERATIONS.

She owns a local jewelry business called TumblingBooks, where she associates her products with charity.

Meet our Marketing Director

Salma Alejo

Salma is a 19 year old college sophomore in Los Angeles . She spends her time drawing, painting, and participating in her community through protests, and fighting what she believes is right. She’s very passionate about art, and believes that it can bring communities together, impact people into learning new things, and can change peoples opinions towards a better future.

Meet Our Outreach Director

Keya Raval

Keya Raval is a 16 year old high school junior from Edison, New Jersey (USA). She is a first-gen Indian American, and is most passionate about the arts. She has been a classical Indian dancer, as well as a traditional artist for the past ten years. Keya is also the flute section leader in her school’s award-winning marching band, as well as a part of their top wind ensemble. She loves learning more about the world, and is interested in politics and activism; she truly hopes to make the world a better place for everyone.

Meet Our Director of Editing

Dylan Follmer

Dylan is a 16-year old junior at Bayonne High School, who displays multiple interests in politics, activism, writing, reading, and journalism. She is passionate about making changes in the world as a member of Generation Z, and strongly believes that the youth can influence and change the world in the best way possible.

Meet Our Project Directors

Anika Venkannagari

Anika is a 16 year old, first generation Indian-American from Michigan. She has a very strong interest in business, law, politics, and activism. Some of her hobbies include traveling and playing the piano, and you can always find her reading a book. She is an active member of clubs in her school, serving as an officer for Student Council and DECA. She’s especially passionate about climate change and feminism, and hopes to work towards creating a better America.

Alexis De Castro

Alexis is a 16-year-old, Filipino-American from North Carolina. She is a sophomore at Ledford Senior High School and participates in Student Government, Art Club, Model UN, Quiz Bowl, and National History Day. She is really passionate about music and performs in her school’s Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. When she’s not playing her French horn, you can expect to find her writing, sewing, cubing, bullet journaling, or rewatching Attack on Titan.

Meet our Research Director

Rachel Gerhardt

Rachel Gerhardt is a 15 year old that attends Hudson High School. She became apart of Zenerations in August of 2020 and is currently a writer. She is interested in feminism, politics and activism and expresses this through her creative and informative writing.

Meet Our Head Writer

Sophie Guo

Sophie Guo is a high school senior and writer living in Bedford, New York. She is highly passionate about journalism, communications, and social activism. She currently serves as a Debate Agent for the Northeast State of Junior State of America (JSA), and she is a Board Member for various other youth organizations. Through Zenerations, she hopes to spread awareness on various societal issues and build a platform where everyone can feel loved and accepted.

Meet Our Director of Tech & Photography

Jeremy Madray

Is that a bird? Is that a giraffe? No, Its Jeremy! He is a sixteen-year old photographer who enjoys problem-solving and exploring the unknown. Jeremy spends his time taking photos, pondering about space, and just hanging out with friends. His experience in photography and valuing the art will make a great addition to the Zeneration’s team.

Meet Our Director of Art & Poetry

Emma Fernandes-Santinho

Emma Fernandes-Santinho is an aspiring artist, poet, designer, and overall creator. She is passionate about everything from women’s issues to LGBTQIA+ equality. She is currently the Vice President of the Sophomore Class, Director of Debate in her local Junior State of America club, and devoted member of Poetry Slam. She’s been indulging in her artsy side by volunteering as a camp counselor at a museum this summer. Emma, who is notorious for always being busy, does manage to carve out some free time to enjoy drawing, playing the piano and ukulele, sewing and volunteering with cat rescues.

Meet our Video Director

Eshan Vishwakarma

Eshan Vishwakarma is a Junior at John Randolph Tucker high school in Virginia. He loves volunteering, public speaking, acting, dancing, and creating videos. He has a personal blog where he discusses his interests, ambitions, and even interviews politicians, activists, and creators to hear and share their incredible stories. Eshan has always wanted to create a lasting impact in his community and around the world, and with Zenerations, he plans to do just that.

Meet The Task Team


Graphic Designer

Claudia Gomez is a 15 year old, Filipina American, at McNair Academic High School who wants to advocate to other teens through art and media. Through firsthand experiences, she wishes to educate teens about the current racial, economic, and political issues in our world. She loves drawing, calligraphy, history, fashion, and hopes to affect other gen z with her advocacy.

Evie Fitzpatrick

Writer, Editor

Evie Fitzpatrick is a 16-year-old sophomore from North Carolina. She is extremely passionate about politics and activism, and loves to share that with those around her. Evie also enjoys blogging, playing the violin, and volunteering at her local science museum. In the future, she hopes to become a biological anthropologist!

Junior Rodriguez

Media Editor

Junior Rodriguez is a 16 year old sophomore at Bayonne High School and a talented graphic designer who is passionate about activism, and politics, especially when it comes to racial, gender, and LGBTQ+ equality.


Aarushi is a 15 year old high-schooler from India. She mostly dedicates her time and energy in creating designs with some head banging to her favourite songs. Having a keen interest in making a change through her art, she’s also a part of the graphic team of another youth-run organisation called The Peahce Project. She is a proud ally and supporter of various social causes such as feminism, BLM, LGBTQI+ rights and stands against islamophobia.

Casey Grace

Casey Grace Lai is a 14-year-old freshman of Chinese, Indonesian, and Vietnamese descent currently based in Singapore. Although she enjoys a bit of everything under the sun, she’s extremely passionate about activism, anything related to Literature and History, and musical theatre. A huge fan of about any music genre out there, music is an integral part of her daily life and she moves through her day as if it were a musical, mostly seen from her ability to play four instruments. She is highly competitive, although her proudest achievement to date is that she can sing the entirety of several Broadway musical soundtracks.

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