A Timeline of Voter Suppression

By Keya Rav The right to vote has been coveted throughout history.  Voting gives the people a say in what their government decides; through voting, the people hold power over the government.  However, the government has been able to exclude certain groups from voting, and ultimately from having that power.  Voter suppression is a rampantContinue reading “A Timeline of Voter Suppression”

IMPOSTER SYNDROME: An Intersectional Approach

Article by Isabel Rodriguez Have you ever felt that your achievements are just luck?  Do you often wonder if your accomplishments are truly meant for you? Well, you are not alone. Despite not being listed in the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Imposter Syndrome is very real. The reality of imposter syndromeContinue reading “IMPOSTER SYNDROME: An Intersectional Approach”

The Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis: Allyship and Awareness

Every state with a notable Indigenous population has the same recurring factor: Native women are murdered at a rate at ten times the national average in the United States.  It is approximated that more than around 5,700 Native women are labeled missing or murdered. This excludes any unreported cases and information- and due to lackContinue reading “The Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Crisis: Allyship and Awareness”

COMING OF AGE: The Story of Growing Up Told Through a Playlist

Generation Z has grown up with an array of coming of age stories right at our fingertips. From The Fault in Our Stars to The Outsiders, we have all been exposed to the ups and downs of the transition between childhood and adulthood because of movies that we spent our childhood years obsessing over. AContinue reading “COMING OF AGE: The Story of Growing Up Told Through a Playlist”

Our Thoughts on the Michelle Obama Podcast

While listening to Michelle Obama’s first episode of her new podcast, which can be found for free on Spotify, I had some thoughts I wanted to share, and I asked some friends in Zenerations for their input as well. Many of these are tangents, thoughts diverging from the specific topic the Obamas talked about, butContinue reading “Our Thoughts on the Michelle Obama Podcast”

Veganism and White Supremacy

By Rachel Gerhart When searching ‘Vegan’ on any social media platform, there is a steady stream of white influencers making “African Peanut Stew” or “Asian Stir Fry”, and a definite lack of black and brown influencers at the top of the charts. Not only has present-day veganism been created by overpowering white voices appropriating BIPOC’sContinue reading “Veganism and White Supremacy”

And That’s on Period (Leave)

By Maggie Saalman All around the world, womxn and transgender people are continuously facing issues in the work force. Why is that in the United States, womxn make up over half the workforce, yet they still make 84 cents to every male dollar (Gould)? Why is it that womxn of color face hurdles based onContinue reading “And That’s on Period (Leave)”

Christine Lee: Harvard Student, Climate Activist, YouTube Creator

Generation Z has grown up in a time where social media presence and activism, more often than not, go hand in hand. The widespread use of platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok within the past decade has provided users with ways to engage in civic-related conversations and build a name for themselves when it comes to advocating for human rights. For someone like Christine Lee, social media presence is everything.

Heather: Beauty Without a Face

What is beauty? Is it the Oxford Dictionary definition, “a combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight?” Is it Rachel McAdams’ long blonde hair, Rihanna’s sunkissed skin, Angelina Jolie’s high cheekbones, or Kylie Jenner’s plump lips? Here’s an answer: none of the above. With the picture-perfect portrait of beauty being painted and retouched by mouse clicks on a screen, beauty standards have become restless and ever-changing. In a generation of double-taps and FaceTune, “beautiful” has become a word that degrades one’s confidence rather than a means of celebrating their own.


WASTELANDIA: The Intersectionality of Food Waste in America and Ways to Combat It

Why is it that in a nation where almost 40 million people suffer from food insecurity, food waste remains extremely prevalent? Why is it that in a country that values capitalism and money above all, citizens are complacent when $165 billion gets wasted on food each year? Logically, none of this should make sense, butContinue reading “WASTELANDIA: The Intersectionality of Food Waste in America and Ways to Combat It”