Individualism vs. Collectivism in a Global Pandemic

There are currently over 13 million cases of coronavirus globally. The unprecedented pandemic has forced cities into lockdown, and caused an economic recession that is unparalleled in history. After months of lockdown and restrictions on movement, several cities are starting to reopen as cases begin to decline. But it seems that people are forgetting that the coronavirus is still a reality, and that many countries are already starting to experience second waves. Examples of such countries include Singapore, Iran, Germany and South Korea. People are demanding that governments should lift lockdown restrictions and are advocating for their freedom and human rights. Should governments listen? Is it right for people to be protesting for their freedom at this time? In my opinion, we should be worrying more about public safety instead of individual preferences […]

CHANGE. Let’s Rewrite the Story. | Dear Asian Youth x Zenerations

OPEN MIC LIVESTREAM EVENT: August 5th, 5pm PST / 8pm EST, featuring music performances, artworks, and literature by the youth reflecting on how 2020 has changed us. Join us on Dear Asian Youth’s Youtube channel for a night to just sit back, relax, and watch young artists do what they love the most – create. Together, we’re rewriting the story.


March 14th was the day quarantine started. It was also my sixteenth birthday, and as I stared outside my bedroom window, I wondered if I’d ever get the chance to get out there again and fulfill my dream of changing the world. As I began to lose a sense of time, structure, and reality, the future started looking hazy and unknown. A couple weeks later, I had this idea – one to connect, uplift, and empower the youth, a space for creatives and activists and entrepreneurs and changemakers, a place where your voice is heard and you are seen. My amazing friend and creative partner, Lilly, told me to ‘just do it’, and so I did, with barely any experience or knowledge, only a great passion and a fire inside me that refused to be put out.

Body Positivity and the Role Brands Have in this Movement

Generation Z has been a relentless force in the rise of conversations about issues such as eating disorders and how we can reform those issues into body positivity. As years have passed, we have become more and more conscious about traditional standards that tend to perpetuate the idea of a “perfect” body shape. Even thoughContinue reading “Body Positivity and the Role Brands Have in this Movement”

Growing Up in a White World

As we hear more experiences and the conflicts that come with growing up non-white in a white world, it is important that we understand and empathize with these experiences. Growing up, many experience casual racism, the impact of beauty standards, and whitewashing. It begins when we are brought into this world, and it lingers throughout our lives. It may be difficult to understand, especially when having not experienced these first-hand, but these things are inevitable when growing up in a predominantly white world.

The Filipino Fight for Human Rights

2020 has been quite an eventful year for the Philippines. The eruption of Taal, tsunamis, COVID-19, and many more have contributed to the hardships Filipinos have been dealing with thus far. However, nothing can compare to the decades of terrorism that has threatened the land. Due to the Philippines’ proximity to the Middle East, the country has been subject to highly frequent terrorist attacks. To combat this, the Anti-Terrorism Bill was signed into law by President Duterte on July 3rd, 2020. But what does its passing really mean for Filipino citizens? Why is the bill so controversial? Why are Filipinos protesting it? More importantly, how come there is a lack of media coverage relating to this issue? Opposed to the all-inclusive coverage of the Black Lives Matter Movement in America, Junk Terror Bill protests have barely managed to scrape the surface of mainstream media. In terms of social media, Junk Terror Bill posts have also drowned in the flurry of Black Lives Matter, and here’s why:

Yemen: More than a Crisis

The Yemenis experienced a civil war in that 5-year period that claimed the lives of more than 100,000 Yemenis. The basis of this war is heated political tension between some of the Yemenis and their President. These were more than simple disagreements, as the Houthi Rebels wanted a new government, while the Yemen Government tried to fix their unemployment rates and attempted to help their people. Amongst these tragic adversities, Yemen also suffers from mass famine, mass malnutrition, lack of medicine, lack of food, and decimated homes from artillery strikes. This stems from the fact that over 24 million Yemenis need assistance before disease and violence manifest further.

Why Teens Should Care About Politics

Teenagers are at most five years from being able to vote, and many of them already can. As soon as you turn eighteen, you have a duty as an American citizen to register to vote, and then actively participate in elections. This is why it’s extremely important to educate yourself early on, so that by the time you are able to vote, you have a good grasp of issues that are important and relevant. Teenagers today are a part of Generation Z, which has been labelled as the most accepting and progressive generation in history. We hold the future of the country in our hands.

The Benefits of Social Media Come into Sharper Focus During 2020

Our generation has been the first to grow up using the internet regularly from a young age. Along with the internet comes the inevitable use of social media. It’s crazy but true to say that Generation Z has expert knowledge and experience using a variety of instant communication website formats and smartphone applications. There are plenty of options to choose from. You can read mom’s family post on Facebook, scroll through a news update on Twitter, like a post from a friend on Instagram, watch short videos on TikTok… the list of engaging sites and apps goes on and on.

BREAKING DOWN BOUNDARIES: From Loving to Hating K-pop

I am a member of BTS’s fandom, ARMY. I am happy listening to their songs, watching their videos and live-streams, and experiencing their concerts. They have made me brighter in so many aspects of my life. But the fact that I am still afraid to openly say that I listen to Kpop is smothering. Why must people hate other people simply because of the music they listen to? Why do I get side glanced and ostracized simply for enjoying a specific genre of music that makes me happy? Be open to new experiences. Be tolerant of other cultures. Be accepting of people who are different from you. Music transcends language. Music can bring people together. Open your mind to something new and that moment may be serendipitous.