Discussing Anti-Asian History and its Societal Effects Today

Educating yourself on anti-Asian imperialism by Sanjna Mizar, Keya Raval, and Ishani Solanki  While there has been a significant rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s important to acknowledge that these horrific acts aren’t individual acts of violence, but a result of the extensive history of anti-Asian ImperialismContinue reading “Discussing Anti-Asian History and its Societal Effects Today”

A Quick Guide to Unlearning & How You Can Unlearn Racist Ideologies.

A wave of online activism sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement in response to police brutality and white supremacy flooded the internet and social media platforms in 2020. Emerging from this wave came educational infographics, blogs, and multimedia on anti-racism, which covered some terminology that became popularized during the movement. The word “unlearning” is one of them, and you may have already frequently heard it from many people online who sought to be better and “educate themselves” on anti-racism. So what exactly does unlearning mean, anyway?

Do the Grammys Have A Diversity Problem?

The Grammys is an award show which was created by ‘The Recording Academy’’ an American organization of musicians, recording engineers, producers and other recording professionals in 1959. The awards provide a “Grammy,” which recognizes outstanding achievement in mainly the English-language music industry.       Although BIPOC artists make up a significantly large majority of the musicContinue reading “Do the Grammys Have A Diversity Problem?”

Breonna Taylor: A Name to Remember, A Fight that Persists

Nearly a year ago, police took the life of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old woman who worked as an emergency room technician and posted her aspirations on notes around her apartment. Since then, her name has rung through the streets, worldwide and in the U.S., carried by impassioned chants and voices demanding accountability for the officers that killed her. Yet after an arduous year, officers Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove, Joshua Jaynes, and Jon Mattingly have yet to be charged for Breonna Taylor’s death. Accountability is far from accomplished and we are once again reminded of the cruel racism that plagues the U.S. “justice” system.

The Stigma of Quarantine Weight Gain

TW: dieting, eating disorders
Society and weight gain has always had a long and unhealthy history. With the pandemic, and the so-called “Quarantine 15,” a spin-off of the “Freshman 15,” the perpetuation of diet culture has only increased. This is very dangerous, as dieting has a direct link to developing eating disorders. A higher use of the internet and social media has also expanded the reach of this issue. There is a detestably large amount of advice articles on the internet that provide tips for how to ‘Lose That Quarantine 15.’ With more activity on social media, there’s been an increase of weight loss pressure, especially with TikTok and other popular social media apps.

What They Don’t Tell You About The College Application Process | Op-ed

People say that your senior year of high school is supposed to be your easiest, most stress-free, and enjoyable year of all the four years that you spend in high school. And for the most part, that is true. However, they forget to inform you of the fact that the first few months are actually some of the most challenging and stressful months that you will ever experience before entering adulthood. This is largely because those months are filled to the brim with filling out applications, writing essays, recalling all you did your previous years in high school to fit them into a resume and so much more.

Wandavision: The Mind-Twisting TV show that doesn’t follow the cookie-cutter superhero story formula

In today’s unexpected era of self-isolation, where time doesn’t feel real, where our lives have been flip-turned upside down, it’s almost natural to want a complete escape from reality.
Wandavision, the first installment of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, helps viewers achieve being immersed into another world – not just literally, but within the actual story itself. The show portrays the title characters, Wanda Maximoff and Vision, doing exactly that – living in a false reality where everything is swimmingly perfect – or so it seems.

BIPOC Excellence Passed Over For White Mediocrity: Golden Globes 2021 – Op Ed

When the Golden Globe Nominees were announced this month, many took to the internet to express their outrage at the disappointing ‘snubs’ and the outrageous nominations. A common theme that most found in the nominations was that many excellent BIPOC-led movies and TV shows were ignored or not given enough attention, while mediocre white-led ones were nominated instead. Among the 40 acting nominees for TV, only two Black actors were nominated, while only two Black women were nominated across all TV and film categories. Perhaps the most shocking of the nominations was the fact that ‘I May Destroy You’, a Black-led TV show that blew up last year and explored sexual assault in a helpful and deep way, was completely ignored by the Golden Globes, while ‘Emily in Paris’, an overdone chick flick, was nominated for two awards. This is, of course, not a new phenomenon – just a few years ago, the Oscars were criticized for not having sufficiently diverse nominations, with the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite trending. But why is it so common for excellent works of art by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to be ignored, while mediocre projects by white artists are excessively celebrated?

WRITTEN BY: Elisabeth Hoole