Intersectionality in Activism: The Need to Support Black Transgender People

Social movements are increasingly realizing the importance of intersectionality – the understanding that every person’s different identities (their race, gender, class, sexuality, etc.) work together to define their unique experience in society. Until the importance of intersectionality was acknowledged, activists believed that a win for a marginalized group meant a win for everyone in that group, regardless of their other identities that might work against them gaining equal benefits. However, despite increasingly intersectional discourse, even current social movements fail to include all identities successfully.
WRITTEN BY: Elisabeth Mahilini Hoole

The Rise of Young Adult Literature

“Young Adult literature,” “Youth literature,”  and “Y.A.” are all examples of names for the same types of novels: ones aimed for audiences aged 12 to 18 years old, also known as teenagers. Y.A. is a category that can vary from adult novels to children’s books, and therefore is not a genre, but an encapsulation ofContinue reading “The Rise of Young Adult Literature”

The Entertainment Industry During COVID-19

2020 was a wild year for a lot of us. With staying home, going nuts over toilet paper, and having holidays, if any, alone, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the way we go by our daily life. The global pandemic has impacted people, companies, and industries differently. For example, the Entertainment Industry of music, literature, art, drama, film, etc., has been wrestling with ideas of how to go on. There are people whose weekly income relies on in-person entertainment work, such as drama professors, stage directors, or piano teachers. Forms of art are difficult to teach on an online platform. It takes discussion, representation, and practice to get an artwork right. When you’re online, all of these qualities are harder to grasp, and it takes more out of you to believe in the magic of art you are pursuing. When you’re focusing on staying safe more than anything, where does entertainment become relevant?

Have you Heard of Eco-Anxiety?

Whether you have heard of “eco-anxiety” or not, chances are you have experienced it at one point or another. Although many are still denying that climate change exists, the media is bombarding us with the latest climate atrocities from the burning of the Amazon rainforest to the growing plastic crisis. This information takes a toll on people’s mental health. This entry focuses on explaining the background, meaning, and ramifications of eco-anxiety.

OLIVIA RODRIGO’S DRIVERS LICENSE: Record-breaking 17 year old that catapulted into stardom – and the backlash that comes with young success

At only 17 years old, she has made waves in the music industry, breaking national and global records all within days of the release of her debut single, “drivers license,” on January 8th, 2021. Olivia is especially inspiring for young women of color as a Filipina-American herself, having earned the title of First Asian-American Woman to hit #1 on the Apple Music Charts.

Productivity and Procrastination: How to Maximize Your Efficiency

Productivity has become something of a trigger word recently. We all want to increase our productivity to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time, although many today feel like this goal is impossible. Procrastination, the act of delaying or postponing an undesirable task, is extremely common among people of all ages, although younger generationsContinue reading “Productivity and Procrastination: How to Maximize Your Efficiency”

More than Just Meat: Lab-Grown Meat is a Game Changer.

Agriculture today is a modernized relic of the practices of the earliest humans. We’ve grown crops and raised livestock since the dawn of time, but is it also possible to grow meat? Lab-grown meat, also known as clean meat, is the product of animal flesh through a process known as vitro cultivation — the growth of cells and tissues in a controlled environment. The process begins by collecting myosatellite cell samples from the animal and it is from there that the selected samples are placed within an environment with the necessary nutrients and growth elements that are naturally present in animals. =

Joking about Red States is Far from Harmless

November’s election undoubtedly caused anxiety across the nation. Millions of Americans apprehensively switched between news channels and reloaded internet tabs, watching as the election map was colored in state by state. As votes poured in, several states, such as Wisconsin and Michigan, dramatically gravitated from red to blue, while others, such as Florida and Texas, moved from blue into red.