The Terrifying Power of Racial Stereotypes in Popular Media – And What Hollywood Can Do To Become More Inclusive

Media and pop culture both play an immense role in shaping how people see the world. On average, teenagers consume nine hours a day of media – and adults 15.5 hours (, and biased media portrayals of racial groups and ethnicities cannot be dismissed as mere “entertainment,” especially not if their impact on the youth is taken seriously.

Researchers from Indiana University have found that prolonged television exposure predicts a decrease in self-esteem for girls and black boys, yet an immediate increase in the self-esteem of white boys. These differences correlate with the racial and gender practices in Hollywood, which predominantly casts white men as lionhearted, womanizing heroes, which erases or subordinates other groups as villains, tedious sidekicks, or sexual objects.

A CRY FOR JUSTICE: What is Happening in Nigeria?

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was a branch of the Nigerian Police Force created in 1992 to deal with widespread armed robbery crimes. They intended to combat crimes such as motor vehicle theft, kidnapping, and abuse of firearms. However, the group quickly gained controversy as ties to extrajudicial killings, torture, and police brutality were made clear. In 2015, following the appointment of a new Inspector General of Police (IGP), attempts were made to address the corruption of SARS. As a result, the Complaint Response Unit (CRU) was established, and SARS was split into two separate units for organizational purposes. Nevertheless, these reforms failed to create significant change. According to Amnesty International, eight out of the nine police officers they interviewed were unaware of these reforms. The same trend occurred when Amnesty International researchers visited SARS units in Abuja and Enugu in the summer of 2016. The sheer negligence of these police authorities for policy statements has become increasingly worrisome. SARS’ purpose was to decrease dangerous measures in Nigeria—but instead, they abused their power and fueled terror throughout the country.

WRITTEN BY: Sophie Guo & Lauren Goulette

Dismantling Gender Stereotypes in K-Dramas

About Korean Dramas Since the 1960s, the flourishing Korean entertainment industry has been highly sought after by many. Hallyu (The Korean Wave) has acquired the soaring global recognition in various media platforms. From the myriad of K-beauty products to the fascinating line of Korean fashion styles, you probably would agree that South Korean culture hasContinue reading “Dismantling Gender Stereotypes in K-Dramas”

A Guide to Pronouns

The third International Pronouns Day was celebrated throughout the U.S. on October 21st, 2020. International Pronouns Day aims to normalize respecting, sharing, and spreading information about personal pronouns– it promotes the basic human decency that comes with referring to people by their pronouns. The truth that so many people that are against the idea ofContinue reading “A Guide to Pronouns”

Where “Cancel Culture” Came From and What it Really Means

Cancel culture has appeared as mysteriously as a storm and strikes just as unpredictably. It has been popularized abruptly in the last few years, as dozens of influencers and celebrities have fallen prey and have been “cancelled.” The victims of cancel culture range from social media stars, such as James Charles, to admired musicians, such as Doja Cat. But whether or not these victims are actually victims at all is debatable.

Why Our Earth Is On the Line This November

For an issue so apparent and evident as climate change, it seems to be playing a minor role in the 2020 Presidential Election. The truth is that climate change is, and will continue to, affect all of us. In fact, although 42% of Joe Biden supporters say that climate change is very important to their vote, only 11% of Donald Trump supporters say this. This brings up the question on how important it is when deciding on what candidate to vote for. How different are their views on climate change? And what solutions do each of the candidates bring to the table? Surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly for some), Biden and Trump have two entirely different perspectives on the matter, which can be shown in their plans for climate change. Whether you are eligible or ineligible to vote, it is vital to be aware of how our ever-changing climate will be affected by this upcoming election. Our futures are at risk.

WRITTEN BY: Evie Fitzpatrick

Redefining Shopping Second Hand: Environmentalist Approach

*Opinion Piece I grew up shopping at a swap-meet for clothes and other items. In reality, it was all I knew and saw it as normal until I began to realize wearing second-hand clothing was looked down on. I began to notice how if peers or others knew where I got my favorite shirt, IContinue reading “Redefining Shopping Second Hand: Environmentalist Approach”

Zoonotic Diseases and Human Behavior

Most of you know that COVID-19 is an infectious disease that can cause mild to severe respiratory illnesses. But not many of you may know exactly where it comes from. In the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, there were conspiracy theories that a Chinese individual who consumed bat soup had started the spread. This isContinue reading “Zoonotic Diseases and Human Behavior”

My Coming Out Experience

Throughout society, individuals from all walks of life have different rites of passage that mark major milestones or changes in their lives. Rites of passage can particularly be important for children or adolescents, individuals who are still developing in many ways. School graduation ceremonies are a primary rite of passage for most children and youngContinue reading “My Coming Out Experience”