What is Volume Buzzing?

Our Voice Matters is not merely an activist organization. It is a step towards progress. OVM bridges the gap between us citizens and our politicians with a new, revolutionary strategy we call Volume Buzzing.

The Reporting Process and Why Survivors Don’t Get Legal Justice: Space To Speak x Zenerations

Prepared by @zenerations & @spacetospeakorg Trigger Warning: violence, sexual abuse, assault, rape, molestation Space to Speak is a community of ardent Generation Z students fighting rape culture by sharing our stories, empowering each other, and shaping the curriculum for the next generation. In collaboration with Zenerations, the two youth-led organizations worked together to develop aContinue reading “The Reporting Process and Why Survivors Don’t Get Legal Justice: Space To Speak x Zenerations”

Girls in White Coats

Girls in White Coats is a nonprofit initiative founded by a 17-year old high schooler from Princeton, New Jersey. This virtual and fast-growing community provides support and guidance to young women who are passionate about becoming healthcare leaders in the near future. The organization currently consists of over 65 enthusiastic and powerful girls from around the globe who are all united by a common goal of fighting to end gender disparities in the medical fields and of course, their love for medicine.

DYENOSAUR APPAREL: 15-Year-Old CEO Vivian Nguyen on Founding Her Clothing Company

DYENOSAUR APPAREL. No, that was not a typo for the prehistoric mammal that roamed the earth some 65 million years ago, it is the name of the tie-dye clothing business established by a member of today’s generation. Vivian Nguyen , 15, is creative, entrepreneurial, and the poster child for young women in business: learn aboutContinue reading “DYENOSAUR APPAREL: 15-Year-Old CEO Vivian Nguyen on Founding Her Clothing Company”

The COVID NineTEEN Project: A Global Volunteer Tutoring Service

The Covid NineTEEN Project is there to provide stressed parents, confused students, and financially struggling families with free teen-led activities and one-on-one tutoring. Founded by Sarah Shapiro and Skye Loventhal, The Covid NineTEEN Project is based in Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to aiding students all over the world in grades 1 through 5 to overcome and adapt to remote learning while taking stress off of parents.

LAND OF THE PURE. Shining a Spotlight on Pakistan.

With followers from all over the world, Land of the Pure aims to bring the best of Pakistan to the spotlight. The rich, wholesome culture, mesmerizing landscape and economic potential need to be explored – and this is exactly what we do. We focus on current affairs, landmarks, history and cultural events making sure to help our readers explore the depths of the country.