Stigma on Youth

To the people who dislike our generation: as young people, the cycle of life eventually will give us the future responsibility to govern and steward the world.
We are told by our parents, our teachers and even by the general society to “act mature”, yet, when we state our own opinions, “you don’t know what you’re talking about”
WRITTEN BY: Vienna Kwan

BTS: The K-Pop Sensation That Proves Music Transcends Language

If there was ever a doubt that music transcends language – there’s not a chance for that now. Record-breaking Korean pop sensation BTS has not only caused a fracture in the hesitations towards non-Anglicized music, but have completely shattered it altogether, redefining and reimagining what it means to be an entertainer in the modern age. From performing numbers complete with dazzling costumes, show-stopping vocals and perfectly-in-sync choreography, to becoming the first K-pop group to earn a Grammy nod, to showing their infinite love for their devoted fans, it’s no surprise as to why BTS owns the throne.


My Coming Out Experience

Throughout society, individuals from all walks of life have different rites of passage that mark major milestones or changes in their lives. Rites of passage can particularly be important for children or adolescents, individuals who are still developing in many ways. School graduation ceremonies are a primary rite of passage for most children and youngContinue reading “My Coming Out Experience”


Interviewer: Sophia Delrosario and Alexis De Castro Interviewee: Christine Lee Sophia: First off, can you introduce yourself. Please tell us your background, interests, hobbies, and anything that makes you, you. Christine Lee: Awesome! Hi, my name is Christine Lee. I am a Korean American, born and raised on the East Coast, and a rising sophomoreContinue reading “CHRISTINE LEE: Q&A Interview”

Christine Lee: Harvard Student, Climate Activist, YouTube Creator

Generation Z has grown up in a time where social media presence and activism, more often than not, go hand in hand. The widespread use of platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok within the past decade has provided users with ways to engage in civic-related conversations and build a name for themselves when it comes to advocating for human rights. For someone like Christine Lee, social media presence is everything.


There are more than 3 million cases of Scoliosis per year in the United States. When something is so common, it should be talked about. I wanted to write this article in hopes that it not only educates whoever’s reading about Scoliosis and normalizes it, especially during the month of June (Scoliosis Awareness Month), but that it also helps you realize that it’s normal in itself to be different. A bent back will never entail that it’s broken.

KAYLAH HOLMES. Creating a Seat at the Table.

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY KAYLAH HOLMES Kaylah Holmes is a junior in high school that has devoted her high school career to representation for women, POC, and LGBTQ+ groups. She started her school’s first youth neuroscience society, and was inaugurated as the future co-president of the gender equality movement. Outside of school she works at theContinue reading “KAYLAH HOLMES. Creating a Seat at the Table.”