Teenage Dream – Nixi Waleska Fuentes

What is the teenage dream?
Is it roaming street lit cities, with nothing but cell service and beat up doc martens
endless adventures with old friends as nostalgic as the smell of crayola paint
Or is it racing hearts when he finally reaches her skin tight jeans
If anything it sounds like a fever dream
Forbidden drinks stinging the backs of virgin throats
Girls with butterfly printed crop tops
And bodies closer to you than your own sober thoughts
Where a game of spin the bottle could be the night’s make or break
And even though 1 in 4 teenagers have stds
Whose lips one’s will land on seems to be the most out spoken risk
Relief coursing through your body the moment you see your friends
As quickly and powerfully as the smoke that fills up baby soft lungs
THC so strong it turns you into a character,
with no repercussions besides the morning after
Each red solo cup sparks curiosity wondering what concoction could be in each
No wonder why they call it liquid courage
Substances you could chug down in case you didn’t have any courage of your own
And in these situations, there was somehow always more to go around
Especially in the hands of someone drinking away their problems about a life that is

Ribbon on a Gift: Eating Disorders in the Modeling Industry and How It Impacts Youth

The poem “Ribbon on a Gift” tells about the harsh treatment and hardships faced by models in the modelling industry behind every perfectly photoshopped picture on the internet. It speaks up about eating disorders and how body stereotyping affects the youth to believe that there is only one way of being beautiful.