How small we were at first
Perhaps blissfully ignorant
and in matters of the world, unversed
Little eggs, unbeknownst to the reckoning-
The growth the not so distant future would bring

Ribbon on a Gift: Eating Disorders in the Modeling Industry and How It Impacts Youth

The poem “Ribbon on a Gift” tells about the harsh treatment and hardships faced by models in the modelling industry behind every perfectly photoshopped picture on the internet. It speaks up about eating disorders and how body stereotyping affects the youth to believe that there is only one way of being beautiful.

TAKE ME IN. By Trisha Beher.

“And as my toes, once covered in a brown sugar like consistency, slowly find the waves, I start to wade in faster, as my body begins to cave, The second I find the riptide, I feel a small glimmer of eternal happiness,
It is a beautiful thing for the greatest force on the universe, to finally consume you completely, as you bask in its fatal magnificence.”