Quarantine Love Story Playlist

During quarantine, Generation Z has turned to social media to communicate and interact with one another. With nothing to do during the beginning and summer of the pandemic, many new friendships and bonds were made, with connections with different people from all over the world.
A huge part of the way we relate to music is the lyrics and the story that they tell. Music is powerful and can evoke an array of heartfelt emotions. Our team put together the “queer quarantine love story,” and used an arrangement of songs to tell the story of two lovers who met during quarantine and the ups and downs of their relationship. Many young people also came out during quarantine, and this playlist highlights both the positives and negatives of that journey.
Immerse yourself into this audible and visual experience by listening to the Spotify playlist in its specifically curated order, reading the descriptions according to each ‘scene’, and using your imagination to follow the two lovers through the early stages of falling in love, the loneliness that comes through distance, and finally the happy ending.