Alisha Aggarwal

Alisha Aggarwal is a senior at Dulles High School and loves to be involved in her community. She has founded two non-profits, one to help high school students explore healthcare through hands-on sessions, and another to train and certify as many people as possible in CPR skills for free. She also loves dance and graphic design and tries to incorporate and combine her love for both her Indian and American culture in both. She is very passionate about helping those in need, and she can’t wait to be involved with the Zenerations platform!


Lauren Nguyen

Hi! My name is Lauren Nguyen and I am an 18-year-old senior from Houston, Texas. I am passionate about the arts (I play viola, piano, and love painting and graphic design) as well as activism and reading. I co-founded the UNICEF chapter in 2018 at my high school and serve as president, and am secretary for my Future Business Leaders of America chapter.



Cil is a Psychology student with Law school on their mind and an INFJ first-gen Nigerian-Canadian with big hair and dreams. Taking classes, workshops, and volunteer opportunities that expand their knowledge of global socio-political issues fuels them to advocate for positive change in the world. This passion for social advocacy work is reflected in their graphic designs, volunteer projects, school clubs and organization memberships. In their spare time, you may find them drinking tea, reading articles, creating art, writing amateur poetry, listening to lofi music or watching Studio Ghibli movies in their nature-themed room in the Prairies.


Jia Xuan

Hello! I’m Jia Xuan from Singapore 🙂 Besides writing & graphic designing, I’m also deeply passionate in dance & the arts !



I’m a 15-year-old Vietnamese who is also a rising IB student. Most of my free time revolves around me doing graphic design, doodling, blogging and binging my favorite kdramas. I really hope to combine my interests in both science and art to solve major global issues and give back to my community.


Audra Walker

Audra Walker is an LA based UX/UI designer and brand expert. She focuses on visual identities, print materials, and digital design. She has an associate’s degree from SMC in graphic design, and is working towards her Bachelor’s in IxD. Audra is a passionate advocate for animal rights; She firmly believes humanity has evolved past the need to rob animals of their lives and freedom, and profit off of their suffering She expresses herself through her art, both digital and traditional, she favors Adobe Illustrator and water color pencils.


Tenaya Anderson

Tenaya is a high school sophomore from a small town in Northern California. With her passion for political science and social justice, she hopes to go into a career in law. She has also been training in classical ballet for about 10 years, and is especially interested in issues surrounding climate change and gender equality.

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