Meet the Team

Meet our global team of writers, editors, transcribers, artists, and poets! These talented young individuals are part of an inclusive and diverse community striving to make a change in today’s world.

Editor, Artist

Lauren Nguyen

Hi! My name is Lauren Nguyen and I am a 17-year-old senior at Memorial High School. I am passionate about the arts (I play the viola, piano, and do mixed-media art) as well as activism and reading. I co-founded the UNICEF chapter in 2018 at my high school and serve as president.

Editor, Artist

Lauren Goulette

My name is Lauren Goulette and I am a 15-year old high school sophomore from the Minneapolis area. I like to write poetry, paint, and do all kinds of creative things. By using my voice, I intend on spreading information through poetry and writing. I’m a member of my school’s Student Council and an ambassador for Her Coalition’s student OFOC organization.

Writer, Editor, Artist

Aya Alagha

Hello! My name is Aya Alagha and I am 18 years old from Syria. I moved to the United States in 2017 upon earning a scholarship to study the International Baccalaureate at Riverstone International School in Boise, Idaho. I am a Teen Advisor with Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation initiative aimed at empowering adolescent girls globally. I am an intersectional feminist, social justice activist, and a global citizen. I enjoy singing, playing Middle Eastern drums, and making art. Thrilled to be a part of Zenerations!

Writer, Editor, Artist

Priyasha Chakravarti

Priyasha is a 17 year old senior studying the IBDP in International School Manila in the Philippines. She is originally from India. Her favorite subjects are Politics, Economics, Environmental Science and English. She is very passionate about addressing social justice issues, political polarisation, and youth involvement in political and global issues. She is a writer for a environmental youth led organisation called Bye Bye Plastic Bags Philippines and the co-head of research and content for Project Puno. In addition, she is a writer for a youth led news publication called Genzenith. Priyasha is also a co-founder of a service and literary initiative called Inside Out, where she combines her love of literature and service to create a positive change. Aside from working for her organisations and stressing over IB/college apps, her hobbies include playing badminton, singing, and Model United Nations. She is very excited to be a writer, poet, and editor for Zenerations! (edited) 

Writer, Editor, Poet

Alli Lowe

Alli Lowe is a rising junior from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about writing, politics, and making the world a better place.  Her writing has previously been published in Polyphony Lit, The Loud Journal, and Same Faces Collective. 

Editor, Artist

Natalia Orlowski

Natalia is a 16-year-old Tech and Visual Arts major at High Tech High School. She’s a full time student athlete who spends her time taking photos, working on new projects, or in the pool. She’s passionate about the arts, graphic design, and photography who hopes to do more in her life starting with Zenerations.

Transcriber, Writer, Editor

Molly Kate Sullivan

This is Molly Kate Sullivan, but you can call her MK! Living in a small town, MK is always striving to bring awareness to folks on issues facing the globe. MK is a passionate advocate and ally for BLM and women’s rights, and she plays volleyball on both a high school and club team in the hopes of playing collegiate level one day. MK is all about personal growth and body positivity, as well as spreading all the good vibes!

Transcriber, Writer, Editor, Poet

Tan Ken Ee

My name is Ken Ee, a team member of @Zenerations. I’m 18 and I’m from Malaysia. I’m the founder of spreading love. MY, a newly-established youth organization. I aspire to become a youth advocate to educate the younger generations on important global issues. I believe that with our voices, we are able to put them into actions for a reformed and better society.

Writer, Poet

Azul Mora

Hi, my name is Azul Mora. I am 16-years-old (17 on August 21st, 2020) and a student activist. In my free time, I read and write, and I love educating myself on politics and literature. By the time I’m thirty, I expect to be an active politician in my community and even state wide, as well as have published my own poetry book and young adult novel. I enjoy listening to music at 2am, nighttime car rides, and watching True Crime documentaries, I enjoy sarcasm and any form of satire, and I love cows and manta rays. I am going to be the president of the United States in 2040 and my motivation to keep going is to make the world happy and to live in a world that is kindly sarcastic. I am passionate about mental health, racial justice, and ending gun violence. I promise everything gets better! xoxo

Writer, Editor, Artist, Poet

Sage Freed

Sage is a 16 year old junior in Howard County, MD. She spends her time drawing, painting, and participating in her community through protests, and fighting what she believes is right. She’s very passionate about art, and believes that it can bring communities together, impact people into learning new things, and can change peoples opinions towards a better future.

Beatriz Atienza

Bea is a rising Junior in the Autonomous University of Madrid, studying to be a teacher. Her dream job would be working for education institutions and promoting change in order to achieve a feminist education. She is specially focused on amplifying the historical women whose time silenced. She would also like to work on interculturality and inclusion in education, as she believes an educative system with those values will lead to social change. In her free time she enjoys watching TV Shows, movies, listening to music and dancing.

Writer, Editor

Evie Fitzpatrick

Evie Fitzpatrick is a 15-year-old sophomore from North Carolina. She is extremely passionate about politics and activism, and loves to share that with those around her. Evie also enjoys blogging, playing the violin, and volunteering at her local science museum. In the future, she hopes to become a biological anthropologist!

Transcriber, Writer

Guissell Caballero

Guissell is a young lady born and raised in Nicaragua, the heart of Central America. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science and is deeply passionate about advocacy, human rights, and climate change. Despite being in lockdown, she has focused on speaking up about vital global issues through social media to trigger change. Lastly, her passions extend to coffee, good literature, and chocolates.


Nina Uy

Nina Uy is a 15 year old sophomore majoring in Media & Visual Arts at HTHS. She fits into the “quiet art kid” trope, being that she is rather reserved and prefers to be a spectator rather than a participant. However, her artwork will often speak for her. She loves to create loud pieces, and has a passion for sparking dialogue through creative expression. Her art becomes a tool for activism.



Hi, my name’s Lindsay, and I’m a 16 y/o artist! I make pieces with a lot of metaphors about highlighting the smaller issues necessary to tackling large societal issues, and any other things I find interesting and want to showcase visually. Check out my Instagram!

Transcriber, Writer, Editor

Paulina Morales

Paulina is an 18-year-old college freshman who has a passion for community and social activism – especially within the areas of writing, politics, and law. Her passion for her community extends through her leadership in various programs spanning from Latinx programs, campaigning in local elections, public education fellowships, and more. As she continues to explore her interests, Paulina’s ultimate goal is to make a positive impact in her community.

Transcriber, Writer, Editor, Poet

Bella Faulk

Bella is a student at Meridian World School. She spends her time playing music, reading, and writing. She is passionate about raising awareness of the issues in her community, along with taking action against injustices.

Writer, Poet

Kimberly Cross

Kimberly Cross is a 16-year-old Jamaican who currently a student at the East Orange High School in New Jersey. She’s a very passionate advocate for the Black Lives Matter Movement and racial equality. She uses her poetry and speeches as acts of activism and protesting from home. In the future, Kimberly plans to major in either Biology, Biochemistry or Political Science in hopes to make a difference and fix many of the global issues that exist today. In her free time, however, she enjoys Youtube, Tiktok, and also music. She’s honored and excited to be apart of the junior team at Zenerations and to be able to share her work and interact with such phenomenal and brilliant young people!

Writer, Editor

Claire Frank

Claire is a 16 year old high school junior with a niche for news writing. There is nothing more important to her than staying updated on her surroundings and spreading awareness on issues that grasp our world today. Through her school, she has been a member of numerous clubs that help those in need around Kansas City, along with being a staffer of an award winning publications team. As a member of the Zenerations team, she is hoping to strengthen her writing and share the most accurate information with every person she can.ues in her community, along with taking action against injustices.

Writer, Poet, Transcriber

Kali Jung

Hi, my name is Kali Jung and I this coming fall I will be a sophomore in college majoring in Health Science on a Pre-Physician Assistant path. I am currently the secretary for the American Chemical Society. I am passionate about equal rights for minorities as well as climate change and mental health care. I wish to educate myself and others about the issues that may not be well known and spread awareness for many fundamental human rights issues.


Krisha Khandelwal

Krisha is a freshman in high school. She is an International Chess Player and a trained Indian Classical Singer. She is extremely passionate about STEM, Writing and Reading, and advocates actively for mental health awareness. She is the co-founder of “Project Injoy”, a non-profit which empowers young children and helps them unlock their true potential

Writer, Editor, Artist, Poet

Aanya Khan

Aanya Khan is a 16-year-old aspiring architect from Pakistan. She spends her time creating art and designs as well as educating herself on various global current affairs. She likes to look to use new and innovative platforms to spread awareness, messages, and information to our community – whether that be through art, science, maths, poetry, or literature.

Writer, Editor, Artist

Dyani Divine Jurado

Dyani is a 17-year-old Junior heading into her Senior year this coming fall at Lake View High School in Chicago. She usually spends her time being involved within her school,especially yearbook and loves to practice photography in her free time. This summer she will be attending Northwestern University’s Medill cherubs program virtually to study Journalism. To her writing holds a more meaningful outlook, being able to create, uplift and share stories that many aren’t able to tell themselves or even think of. In hopes of accomplishing those things she looks forward to what she will learn from others and what the world of Journalism has to offer.

Writer, Poet


Bio Coming Soon!


Xavier Cortez

Xavier is a 15-year-old who is a rising Sophomore at High Tech High School. He majors in Biomedical Science, but among being immersed with science, he also enjoys writing. Xavier is seen as the kid who always focuses on studying for school and hopes to become a doctor and go to med school. Aside from being an avid learner, Xavier also has fun side that includes playing volleyball, swimming, Overwatch, traveling the world, or just visiting the beaches. He wants to apply his personality and hobbies into the articles he will write for Zenerations to be able to allow others to not only get a better understanding of the world but to also get to know him and learn his opinions. From his future experiences with Zenerations, Xavier aims to talk about subjects ranging from politics to entertainment always understanding both sides of the argument.


Karla Pamela Diaz

Karla Pamela Diaz is a 16-year-old sophomore Biomedical major at High Tech High School. She spends most of her time focused on schoolwork, reading, and caring for her two birds, Milo and Sama. She’s passionate about giving back to her community by pursing a career in the medical field. She always works on acquiring new skills and additionally strives to better herself.


Jane Kinney

Jane Kinney is a junior at Haddonfield Memorial High School in New Jersey. She loves the arts, music, theater, singing, and reading!! She runs a chapter of the youth-led gun violence prevention organization “March for Our Lives,” and is involved with a social justice organization at her school that helps combat issues in her town. She loves working to make things better!



Emily Yeap is a Malaysian currently studying law at the University of Tasmania, Australia. Aside from politics, she has a passion to build, strengthen and empower communities before changing the world! When she isn’t very busy with law and activism, she tries to reach the diamond league in Overwatch. 👀



Isabel Rodriguez is a Latina woman based in California. She is a student at Cal Poly Pomona and plans on studying Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations. During her free time, she is a freelance writer covering intersectional feminism, environmentalism, voting, and any issues affecting underrepresented or minority communities.

Grace Demopoulos

Grace Demopoulos is a 16 year old nonbinary artist, animator, and writer who’s goal is to make inclusive and compelling stories. He works as an artist for Zenerations and is passionate about artwork, writing, animation, politics, gaming, cosplay, and so much more. She intends to shape generations to come with the things they create.



Mia Dun is a 16 year old Japanese and Chinese American. She is a junior and is president of her school’s Model United Nations club, and is also involved in student council and Reach for the Top. She joined Zenerations in August 2020 as a calligrapher. Mia is particularly interested in Asian-American history, feminism, and STEM. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, playing softball, and practicing calligraphy.



Johnathan Ortega is a 16 year old Dominican- American made from immigrants. He attends High Tech High School as a film major and served as Student Council President. My passions involve Fashion and Film. I aspire to be a creative director in either the Fashion, Film, or Music Industry’s.


Roshni Sandhu

Roshni Sandhu is a 15 year old at the International School Of Manila. She was born in Delhi, India, and has been raised in Manila, Philippines since she was 6. Along with her passion for art, she is a trained indian classical dancer in a form called Bharatanatyam, and participates in the track and cross country teams at school. She loves to travel and experience the different cultures around the world, making her passionate about issues from woman and child rights to religious discrimination. Her current project is an ‘art drive’, where she is selling her artwork to raise funds for a local orphanage that she used to volunteer at. She is an aspiring STEM student who wishes to combine her love for technology and art into her future career.

Writer, Poet

Isaac Park

Isaac Park was born in Seoul, South Korea and was raised in Queens, New York where he received a New York City public education from grades K-12. He completed his studies in English Education at the State University of Geneseo and completed his student teaching at the SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center, where he went back to his roots to teach the next generation of scholars from District 2. Following his undergraduate studies, he pursued a master’s degree in English Education at one of the most prestigious schools in the world: Teachers College, Columbia University. Currently, he is particularly invested in conversations about racial equity and aims to promote the exploration of identity in the adolescent classroom. He is an advocate of Queer Youth and is heavily involved in LGBTQIA+ activism. Park’s work is inspired by his personal experiences in life. He endeavors to be an educator who leaves some sort of impact in the world by engaging in discourse on social justice and civic issues in his middle school classroom. He believes his students are the faces of tomorrow.

Writer, Poet


Jamie is a rising sophomore from the Bay Area who’s passionate about racial justice and using art as a form of activism. With Zenerations, she hopes to elevate voices and share socio-political issues with others.

Graphic Designer, Videographer, Writer

Angela Kwak

Angela Kwak is a rising junior at The Stony Brook School and is a first-generation Korean-American who grew up in Saudi Arabia. At school, she helps lead the Asian Student Union while being involved in many student councils, all while pursuing a passion for filmmaking. Her main interests are film, writing, and above all, amplifying the stories of today. Through Zenerations, she hopes to shed light on issues that are less recognized.

Artist, Writer


Coda Camaya is a 16 y.o Filipino-American student and artist at High Tech. She writes and creates art independently and at Zenerations.

Graphic Designer, Calligrapher, Writer

Jia Xuan

As a 14 years old passionate youth in Singapore who has a growing, fervent interest in the arts and sociology, Jia Xuan is also deeply fond of seeking challenges and learning. She aspires to give back to the society and spread more love in the community.


Nicholas Lloyd

I am 16 years old and an incoming junior at Gainesville High School in Florida. I will be Junior Class President for the class of 2022, I serve in Student Government, and I am passionate about using my voice to create positive change.

Graphic Designer, Calligrapher

Britney Bui

Britney Bui is an 18-year-old, Vietnamese-American college freshman at Pennsylvania State University from Alexandria, Virginia. She is intending to pursue a major in Biology with a specialization in Neuroscience. She is an advocate for women’s rights; and is passionate about inspiring girls to explore their true potential and take on life-changing opportunities with tenacity. She was involved with several clubs and organizations in high school including HOSA and Student Leadership. Currently, she is working with Lyftly, a Silicon Valley startup that sheds light on mental health struggles experienced by teens. In addition, she is the Design Director at SHEDIDTHAT!, a youth-and-female-led organization that aims to empower and support women of the future through inspiration and resources from the women of today.

Graphic Designer

Tracy Nguyen

Tracy Nguyen is a 18 year old, she is in her first year of college studying social service work. She strives to educate and empower youth all around the world. She is a Black Lives Matter activist who is representing the southeast Asian community. She is currently a part of some youth led non-profit organizations that help the youth come together to speak about topics that are hard to discuss. She is passionate about helping others and wishes to travel around the world to help volunteer in countries that are less fortunate.


Abby Faith Labial

My name is Abby Faith Labial. I am sixteen years old and I live in Florida. My parents are from the Philippines and they moved to the US before I was born. I am very passionate about activism and I believe that if there’s anything I can do to make a difference, I should be in no hesitation to do so. I’m also very open minded to educate myself on things happening around the world or things that I should know more about. I am passionate about art, architecture, literature, music, fashion and so much more.


Layla Hussein

15-year-old Layla Hussein is an aspiring journalist, entrepreneur, and coder from The Bronx, NY. Growing up in The Bronx has allowed Layla to quickly understand the racial disparities across the globe and be an advocate for change. Her passions including writing about BIPOC issues, gender inequity, immigration, and general current events that are affecting loved ones around her. She is the Co Founder of GenZ Girls, an organization that spotlights influential females in marginalized communities since the media fails to do so. She is also the founder of Journals of Color, an upcoming literary magazine just for teens in The Bronx.

Writer, Poet

Lucy Damachi

Lucy Damachi is a 16 year old high school junior in Nigeria. She has interests in climate justice, racial justice, indigenous rights, and sustainable development. Growing up in Nigeria has shaped many of these passions. She is a member of her school’s Student Council, served as vice president for her school’s Green Club, and is in love with community service. In her free time, she love to sing along to her favorite songs, read all sorts of literature, and explore the world of spoken word poetry. She is very excited to be working with the Zenerations team!


Tenzin Migmar

Tenzin Migmar is a 15 year old creator and curious learner with a hunger to explore what she doesn’t know yet. She is often reading, writing, or thinking about disruptive technologies and the future. Tenzin is passionate about artificial intelligence, research, reading, writing, female representation in STEM, and is focused on preventing racial/gender/etc biases from being transferred from humans to machines.


Maggie Saalman

Maggie is a 16 year old rising senior at Valhalla High School in New York. She is a writer for Zenerations and is very excited to use this platform to make changes in the world today. She is the President of her Human Rights Club at school and is also an ambassador for Our Future Of Change which is a coalition bringing awareness to human trafficking. She also is the captain of her all girls robotics team and is fluent in American Sign Language. Maggie is passionate about STEM, pop culture, and intersectional feminism. In the future, she wants to work in the medical field and travel the world while doing it.


Bailey Townsend

Bailey Townsend is a Asian and African-American 17 year old from Northern California. She is an award-winning poet who is passionate about politics, social justice, philosophy, and writing.


Vienna Kwan

Vienna Kwan is a 15 year old from Hong Kong studying at an international school which allowed her to view the world from different perspectives. She is currently a writer at Zenerations! She is extremely passionate about philosophy, politics, guitar and teaching. Vienna would love to educate others through her words.

Graphic Designer

Jessica Nguyen

Jessica Nguyen is a 16 year old, upcoming junior, and first-gen Vietnamese American from California! In her free time, you can find her sleeping, designing, and binge watching shows on Netflix, like Avatar! She is currently involved in her school’s journalism program and KIWIN’S! Jessica is super passionate about mental health, racial discrimination, and other movements, such as Black Lives Matter. She hopes that she can help raise awareness about these important topics and other issues in the world by being a graphic designer for Zeneration!



Amber Ting is a 15 year-old, Taiwanese-American high school student. She’s an international student and rising sophomore at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA. She’s an Editor for Zenerations. She’s on the board of various social justice-orientated magazines and education-related non-profits. She’s passionate about writing, volunteer-teaching, and social activism.


Jacklyn Vandermel

Jacklyn (you can call her Jackie!) Vandermel is a 15 year old, rising sophomore at Northern Valley Demarest High School. She is a poet for Zenerations and passionately writes about diversity, equality, and mental health. She loves being adventurous and learning new things.

Graphic Designer, Calligrapher, Videographer

Alisha Aggarwal

Alisha Aggarwal is a senior at Dulles High School and loves to be involved in her community. She has founded two non-profits, one to help high school students explore healthcare through hands-on sessions, and another to train and certify as many people as possible in CPR skills for free. She also loves dance and graphic design and tries to incorporate and combine her love for both her Indian and American culture in both. She is very passionate about helping those in need, and she can’t wait to be involved with the Zenerations platform!

Graphic Designer

Simran Kalwani

Hi, I am a Fashion Business student with an intense passion for graphic designing and am looking forward to use my skills to grant importance to difficult subject matters and hopefully help cause a change xx



Kimberly Haque is a 16-year-old, first-gen Vietnamese/Bangladeshi junior at South County High School. Kim hopes to pursue the biomedical field, however, she strives to advocate for social change through education. Kim is heavily involved in her school’s music department, taking part in its orchestra, marching band, and indoor drumline. She is excited to write and be a part of the Zenerations team.

Graphic Designer

Camille Casiles

Camille is 16-year-old creator from Southern California who uses her platform to bring light to various social issues. In 2019, she founded a non-profit selling apparel to raise funds for different organizations in support of their impactful work toward such causes. She aims to study Psychology along with Community Engagement & Social Change, understanding that human connection has a powerful influence on the people’s lives. Whether it be through dance, media, or graphic design, she hopes that through combining experiences with creative expression, she’ll be able to provide an insightful perspective that inspires others to do good in the world.

Graphic Designer, Calligrapher

Haley Silva

Haley Silva is a Political Science major at Stanford University that is striving to make a positive impact on the world. She is a strong advocate for young voter mobilization, feminism, and climate change. Through her work with Zenerations, she hopes to engage the younger generation in the world’s current issues and inspire a new wave of advocacy.

Writer, Editor

Meghana Boda

Meghana Boda is a 14 year old first-gen American at Olentangy High School that looks to make and leave an impact wherever she goes. She is the co-founder of an organization, GenZ Girls, alongside a writer and editor for the Teen Pop Magazine. Meghana is also an athlete and is strongly passionate about anything related to journalism and veterinary medicine and hopes to go into a field that combines both of them.

Graphic Designer, Artist, Calligrapher

Sophie Mcbroom

Sophie is a 14yo rising sophomore at Walter Payton College Prep in Chicago. She joined Zenerations as a graphic designer / artist in August 2020 and numerous other organizations where she uses her skills to bring light to injustices in the everyday world. She loves art as well as athletics and watches lots of crime shows.

Graphic Designer, Calligrapher, Poet

Valerie Wang

Valerie Wang is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying Economics and Design. For Zenerations, she creates designs, calligraphy, and poetry. She is passionate about dance, art, journalism, and activism.


Ren Zheng

Ren Zheng is a 15 year old, first-gen Chinese American. She’s Head of Illustrating at Supporting Smiles and an artist for Zenerations and The Peahce Project.

Writer, Poet

Garima S.

Garima Saxena is a 22 year old Indian. She’s currently completing her graduation in Biotechnological engineering and hopes to help the society with pharmaceutical advancements. She is an artists and does commissioned paintings when she isn’t nesting words into poetry. She has always been passionate about art, literature and history and believes in spirituality only if it’s channeled through art in a non-biased forwarding of society as a whole. She also collects stones.

Writer, Poet

Alexa Garcia

Alexa Garcia (Lexie) is a 15-year-old Dominican-American with dreams to see the world and inspire others through her craft. Her main goals consist of pursing Film, Theater Arts, and Creative Writing/Poetry. She is also very passionate about Self Love, Scoliosis Awareness, Feminism, Environmental activism, etc. She is a Tech and Visual Arts major at High Tech High School in New Jersey. Alexa is super excited to be a part of such a great community!


Kiana Maria

Kiana Maria is a 16 year old poet and activist who loves to share stories. Kiana is a part of her school’s Slam Poetry club. She has been writing ever since she was seven. Along with writing poetry for Zenerations, she writes for Gen Z Writes. She started a new teen podcast with Imanie Jeter called Teens Meet World. She hopes to become a lawyer to take on injustice within the court system. She is determined to make the world a better place in any way she can.

Graphic Designer

Alison Kulak

Alison is 17 year old high school senior and graphic designer from Pennsylvania. She is co-president of the Environmental Action Club at her school and is passionate about making the world a more sustainable and eco-friendly place. She is also invested in animal rights and is working on starting her own school club dedicated to helping local animal shelters. Alison is currently trying to find new ways to mix her love for design and photography with social activism and amplifying others’ voices!

Writer, Poet

Prerna Kulkarni

Prerna Kulkarni is a 15 year old South Asian student at Middlesex County Academy of Science and Technology. She is passionate about studying people and fighting for human equality. She has partaken in many fundraiser projects and has even raised over $350 to cater meals to her local JFK hospital’s frontline healthcare workers! Prerna is a varsity tennis player in her home district’s school, and she is also the current vice president of her grade. Her favorite way to express herself is through the art that she creates, whether it be in sketching, painting, public speaking, or writing.

Graphic Designer, Writer


Fer is a high school senior who is passionate about drawing, learning languages and writing on The “Mexican Chronicles”, a blog she created to bring awareness to the issues mexicans currently face and to share the stories of mexican youth. Through zenerations, she hopes to write about her passions and current world issues.



Jamie Espinosa is an 18 year old, first-gen Latinx student at Carnegie Mellon University. He has been involved in my many student organizations such as French Club, ACE Mentorship, and GSA and is currently joining more as he transitions to university. He has been openly passionate about art, architecture, yoga, and mindfulness and is constantly thinking of ways to help others through these mediums.


Reese Trowbridge

Reese Trowbridge is a 16 year old junior at Bayonne High School with interests in biology and medicine. Along with being a Zenerations writer, she has served as many positions in Student Government and is apart of Model UN. Her work mainly reflects her passions which include the environment, music, and mental health.

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