Monthly Objectives

Post a Minimum of 3 Articles a Month
  • Articles Topics Include:
    • Profile Pieces
      • Showcase a local Gen-Zer in an article written about them. Cover what change they are making in their community, and what their identity serves to them.
        • HOW TO: Write a Profile Piece
    • Activism/Movement Journalism
      • Research a local movement occurring in your community and write a piece about their movement and what they are fighting for.
    • Pop Culture
      • A piece about what is popular in the media at the moment. Similar to the pieces from the International Team posts.
Local Event/Fundraiser Every 2 – 3 Months (at least 2 a Year)
  • These events are not limited to just one thing. Events can include: a local fundraiser for a substantial cause in your community, a volunteer session at a food bank, an informative panel.
Encouraged But Not Required: Post 2 Art/Poetry Pieces a Month
  • Take in Art/Poetry submissions and post them alongside the normal article posting schedule.

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