Projects Committee


Bill Chen

Bill is a 16 year old first generation Chinese American attending West Springfield High School. He is actively involved in numerous extracurriculars like Model UN, Track, and Student Council. Outside of school, Bill is a part of his county’s Human Rights Commission where he is passionate about starting initiatives to combat police brutality, mental health, and fair housing within his community. He enjoys creating artwork, playing the violin, and watching Criminal Minds in his free time.


German Chavez

Hello everyone! My name is German Chavez, I am 15 years old and I am currently a freshman in high school. I am passionate about activism and mental health. I want to always work hard and put my part in helping reform and change our cruel society as a whole. I believe that the youth will be able to change the world since we all have a similar power. The power is our wise minds and voices that we use to speak about certain problems that bother us and that we want to change.


Adeline Yu

Adeline is a junior from Montgomery County, MD. She enjoys playing violin in chamber groups and orchestras. In her free time she loves listening to podcasts and trying out new drinks (she love tea); she’s also admittedly a nerd for both graphic design and skincare. She hopes to pursue a career in design or marketing in the future.


Sam Guevara

Samantha Guevara is a Filipino-Salvadoran student from Canada born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Sam has both interests as well as passions for law and politics along with arts and film. As a Zenerations team member and member of society, Sam has learnt and plans to continue to learn how to contribute locally and internationally to make the world a better place everywhere for everyone. Sam is a growing advocate of reform for human rights from BIPOC identities to social class equality etc.!


Ava Santos-Volpe

Hi! My name is Ava and I’m a 16-year-old from the Chicagoland area. I enjoy playing water polo and my favorite subject is science. I’m also passionate about social justice and activism.


Alana Yang

Alana is a high school senior at Phillips Academy Andover, a boarding school in northern Massachusetts. At school, she is involved with debate, disability justice, and residential life, and is also a member of the varsity volleyball team. Outside of school, Alana is a member of the Projects Committee at Zenerations and an avid K-Pop fan. She is also passionate about various social justice issues, particularly racial and disability justice, and is interested in pursuing a career in this field.



Kristina is a 19 year old college freshman from Slovakia (a small country in Europe) but she currently lives in New York. She attends Stony Brook University and is majoring in International Relations, hoping to minor in history. Kristina is passionate about reading, social justice work and simply making the world a better place where every single person’s voice is heard.


Krisha Khandelwal

Hi! I’m an International Chess Player, an Indian Classical Singer, and an Entrepreneur. I am the Founder of Let’s Defeat Bullying and co-founder of Project Injoy. I’m really passionate about STEM, writing, and reading, and I advocate actively for Mental Health and Bullying. I ultimately hope to use my skills, education, and genuine passion to translate my interests into measurable social impact, making a tangible difference in the lives of people who are affected by the issues which I care about.

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