Research Committee


Jacob Chastain

I am a college student studying political science, anthropology, and creative writing. I am an activist and ally looking to educate people on social issues.



Hey! My name is Meera Manoj and I am a 16 year-old senior residing in the Bay Area. I am a huge fan of the arts (be it painting, sketching, dancing, writing, etc.) and you can often find me participating in one. I am hoping to major in legal studies and/or political science next year in college, wherever I might end up. Another strong passion of mine includes TV shows (specifically dramas and/or crime shows.


Rachel Gerhardt

Rachel Gerhardt is started out as a Zenerations Writer, but is currently the Director of Research for Zenerations. She goes to Hudson High School, where she plays multiple sports and sings in choir. She has a passion for music, writing, poetry, and activism. Rachel has been at Zenerations for a few months, and has loved being able to use her voice in a powerful way!



Cil is a Psychology student with Law school on their mind and an INFJ first-gen Nigerian-Canadian with big hair and dreams. Taking classes, workshops, and volunteer opportunities that expand their knowledge of global socio-political issues fuels them to advocate for positive change in the world. This passion for social advocacy work is reflected in their graphic designs, volunteer projects, school clubs and organization memberships. In their spare time, you may find them drinking tea, reading articles, creating art, writing amateur poetry, listening to lofi music or watching Studio Ghibli movies in their nature-themed room in the Prairies.



Nomin is a high school student from the east coast of the US. When she’s not busy with schoolwork, Nomin is helping children receive accessible music education through her passion project, Accessible Orchestra. In her free time, Nomin is probably watching movies, reading, trying out filmmaking, or practicing violin.


Meher Vakharia

Meher is 15 years old and was born and raised in Dubai. Her hobbies include boxing, biking, playing guitar, reading, and baking. She is passionate about politics, sociology, social justice, and activism of all sorts. She aims to always use her voice to make a change whether it be big or small, and being apart of the Zenerations team has been incredibly insightful and interesting for her, and hopes to pursue more opportunities involving activism. She believes in the importance of empathy and thoroughly enjoys being apart of the Zenerations team!



Hey there, my name is Esther and I am probably the biggest photography fanatic you’ll ever meet! I adore cafe hopping but my wallet says otherwise. If you ever want to start a conversation with me I am always open to do so 🙂 I am so excited to be contributing to the good that Zenerations is currently doing!



Hey! I’m Issy and I’m on the research and writing committee! I’m a 16 year old from California, and I usually spend most of my time reading and writing. I love anything that has to do with forensics and criminal justice and am extremely passionate about preaching self love and acceptance.


Elisabeth Mahilini Hoole

Elisabeth is from Sri Lanka and is currently studying economics at Amsterdam. She hopes to use economics to work on and inform policies that economically empower marginalized communities. In the meantime, she writes for other websites (including ourchurchtoo) and educates herself on social movements. In her free time, she loves playing with her dog and cat, listening to other people talk about their animals, trying to convert her family to vegetarianism, playing board games very competitively, reading murder-mysteries, and discussing social issues with family and friends.


Zeean Firmeza

My name is Zeean Firmeza, but you can call me Zee! I am passionate about education – specifically in policy – and I believe in the immense power of youth. In my free time, I play League of Legends, write and read books, and chill on Discord with my friends. I’m very excited to be a part of Zenerations!


Ishani Solanki

Ishani Solanki is a 16-year old sophomore in Orange County, CA. Other than being apart of Zenerations, Ishani is apart of another youth organization, THS Against Racism, where they fight against racism within their school along with working to diversify the curriculum. Ishani is also the founder of a youth led organizations known as The Prism Initiative, a youth-led organization that strives to educated others about the LGBTQ+ community along with uplifting LGBTQ+ youth. In her free time, Ishani enjoys reading manhwas and working on her small business, @swaggyst0re, where she creates charms out of polymer clay and necklaces.

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