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A to Z: A Zenerations Newsletter

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A is for Action

a non-exhaustive list of three to five various steps for direct action. may include petition links, further reading, contacting legislation, toolkits, following people, reading guides and more.

B is for Buzz (pop culture)

One to two bullet points on the hottest music, TV + movies, sports, pop culture within the youth today.

C is for Current Events

one to two short bullet points on the most crucial current events to pay attention to in those two weeks. always add a link to an article for further reading.

D is for Donate

Mutual aid links, donations to Zenerations or any partner orgs, any fundraisers we’re running through Instagram, collective funds for a humanitarian issue that needs attention

E is for Exhibit (art + poetry)

Any new art or poetry pieces from our collective posted recently.

…Z is for ZEN (mental health)

Here is where we can offer some mental health tips and check-ins with our audience, and also plug the latest episodes of our podcast!

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